XShot Pro Review – Ideal for Travelers and Filmmakers


I don’t normally do product reviews, but when I find something as practical and innovative as the XShot camera extender, I feel compelled to share. Below is my XShot Pro review:

XShot_Pro_DavidsbeenhereHave you ever considered a camera extender to take with you on your travels? Consider these two scenarios, then what I’m about to say will make a little more sense.

Scenario #1: You’re on vacation and standing in front of something awesome (i.e. the Trevi Fountain). You flag down a non-English speaking stranger to take your picture since you want to actually be in a photo for a change.

The result: You’ve been cut off at the neck and your face is blurry. The Trevi Fountain looks great though.

Scenario #2: Your i-Phone 5 takes great photos so you just switch to front camera mode and take a selfie to show your friends on Facebook.

The result: Great picture quality, except you’ve got a double chin. The Trevi Fountain still looks great but there is absolutely no way you’re posting that picture online.


What is the XShot Pro?

The XShot Pro is a versatile camera extender that can be used for i-Phones, GoPro cameras, camcorders, and small digital cameras. It can be used to film and take photos.XShot_Pro_Davidsbeenhere

Design and Details

  • The XShot Pro is 7” when closed and 32” when fully extended
  • Comes with a mount for your GoPro and one for your small digital camera or camcorder (up to 1.25 lbs)
  • Ball mount head allows for 360o shots
  • Ergonomic black rubber grip
  • Made of durable and lightweight anodized aluminum


  • Easily fits into backpacks, purses, or camera bags; won’t trigger any unwanted TSA searches of your carry-on luggage
  • The handle is thick and makes it easy to control the XShot when fully extended
  • The ball mount head can easily be loosened or tightened to switch the angle of where your camera is pointing
  • You can get great high shots of crowded places and over fences
  • Could be used as a weapon in an emergency situation (as per my wife)


  • The GoPro mount can take a few moments to screw on and off because the aluminum screw is quite long.
  • The ball mount can become loose, which then has to be tightened with an Allen wrench (comes with the XShot). This isn’t so much a problem for people who are using the XShot Pro for photos, but it may become an issue for those trying to film with it.

My Thoughts on the XShot Pro

  • Of all the camera extenders out there, I would absolutely recommend the XShot Pro to anybody who wants to capture their travels on camera. Asking other people to take your picture is both obnoxious and risky. I like feeling independent and confident when I am traveling, and I think this product delivers in this regard.
  • The XShot could also be especially great for travel bloggers who want to begin hosting their own travel episodes. It’s easy to use and can help your travel videos tremendously.
  • I primarily used my XShot Pro for filming with my GoPro camera, which is why I had to attach and detach it so many times, but I figure most people will keep the GoPro on it most of the time. While traveling I’m filming a lot for my Davidsbeenhere web travel series and the XShot Pro allows me to easily get footage of myself walking through cities for the videos.


The Result

Well, see for yourself. I made a video about where I recently took my XShot Pro and I think the quality and versatility is self-explanatory.

Want One?

If you think your travel memories would benefit by adding an XShot Pro to your packing list, Click HERE to purchase an XShot. For those of you who want something smaller, there’s also the Pocket XShot. 

If you’ve used the XShot, tell us about your experience with it. Leave us a comment below!

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