27 Stunning Instagram Images of the Faroe Islands

Before moving back to the United States, I wanted to do an adventurous and unique trip, and so the Faroe Islands seemed like the appropriate choice. For five wonderful days we got to see all the natural wonder and warm hospitality that the Faroes have to offer. We experienced stunning scenery, quaint towns, Viking history, and delicious Faroese gastronomy. Where else can you spend a day with puffins, or find extraordinary beauty in a landscape completely devoid of trees? The Faroes are a wonderful off-the-beaten-path destination that adventure and nature lovers will enjoy.

Though we captured several hundred images on our cameras, we also snapped away on our i-Phones, and here are our top 27 Instagram photos that we wanted to share with you. The Faroe Islands are a photographer’s dream come true, but truth be told, when the subject is so gorgeous, it’s hard to take a bad photo.

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Arriving to the island of Vagar with Atlantic Airways


Beautiful harbor of the capital of Torshavn


View of Torshavn from our hotel room at Hotel Foroyar


Enormous gorge in the village of Gjogv, Eysturoy Island


 A ram protecting his territory!


 Sørvágur town, Vagar Island


 Shetland cow in the village of Kirkjubøur, Streymoy Island


Overlooking the village of Gjogv, Eysturoy Island


Stone houses in Sørvágsvatn, the largest lake in the Faroese islands


Traditional sandwiches at cafe Ostrom in Torshavn Harbor


 Sørvágsvatn in Vagar Island


Turf roof houses in Gasadalur, Vagar Island


View over the westernmost island of Mykines


 A church in Tórshavn


Typical house in the village of Kirkjubøur,  Streymoy Island

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A family of Faroese geese soaking up the sun


One of the handful of villages of the island of Kalsoy with Kunoy Island in the rear


Salmon rolls at Etika, the only sushi restaurant on the Faroe Islands


Scenic village in the northern islands


Klaksvík from the ferry on the way to Kalsoy Island


Tjornuvik, the northernmost village on Streymoy Island


A colony of Puffins on Mykines Island


Puffins aka the “parrots of the sea” – Mykines Island


 Incredible view of Kalsoy and Kunoy Island from Vidareidi the northernmost village in the Faroe Islands


Sheep outnumber Faroes people 2 to 1!


Arriving on the island of Mykines by helicopter

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I hope these photos inspire you to head out to the Faroe Islands some time soon before more people discover this incredible island nation. Unspoiled, Unexplored, Unbelievable!

Ever been to the Faroe Islands? Tell us about it! Leave us a comment below. Connect with Davidsbeenhere on Instagram to see more amazing travel photos from around the world.

Special thanks to XShotVisit Faroe Islands.

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  1. I have been fascinated with these islands for some time now. I rarely speak of them to others for the fact that if people start flocking there then things will change for the islands. Some things are too amazing to be disturbed. Just my opinion. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and pics!!

    • Your welcome, Lisa! They are truly spectacular and the nature is so pristine.

  2. I’m going in March next year to see the total solar eclipse and I’m so excited about it. It looks an amazing place.

    • Amazing Feena! Yes the country is simply breathtaking. Let me know if you need help planning your itinerary.

  3. Two corrections though:
    1. Picture nr.7 – That’s not a Faroese cow, it’s a Shetland cow, they were quite recently brought to the Faroe Islands.

    2. Picture nr.14 – That is not the cathedral (the picture with the statue in front). That’s quite a new church, constructed in 1975. It is called Vesturkirkjan (The western church). Among churches that are 900 years old in the Faroes, one which is barely 48 can hardly be called “second oldest in Faroe Islands”.

    The cathedral is another one, called Havnar kirkja.

    • Correction to correction 1. Picture no. 7. The cow is not a Shetland cow either but a Scottish Highland cow.

      • Yes, really sorry about that. I wanted to write Highland cattle and I typed Shetland … don’t know why. 😀

      • Thank you both for the feedback! It is a Scottish Highland cow, changing it now.

  4. Great pics and introduction to this truly-off-the-beaten-path destination! But why aren’t there trees in the landscape? It’s strange but nonetheless quite striking to behold!

    • Because the soil is scarce, some places about 20 cm deep and because we have winds very often above 100 km/h. There are trees in the localities though.

      • Thank you so much! I really need to see this countryside myself!

        • Yea it is very beautiful and no trees except for a one town in Kalsoy that had a small park. Thanks for sharing and commenting!

          • David, that means you haven’t seen the park in Torshavn or from Tvøroyri 😀 And there are some other places that hold small green spots like in Saltangara, Selatræ and so on.

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