Visiting the World’s Biggest Rock: Uluru in NT, Australia

David’s Been Here is touring the top sites and main attractions in Australia’s Northern Territory. In this short video, David brings us to the amazing Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, home to the Rock of Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock). This colossal sandstone formation is the world’s largest rock, with only 10% exposed above the ground. Take a guided sunrise tour to catch the first light off the rock’s face and to learn all about the rock’s sacred grounds. If you’re visiting the Rock of Uluru, don’t forget to bring water (as it can get extremely hot!) and a fly net… you’ll be glad that you did!

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  1. Michael J Pimentel says:

    I love hunting meteorites. And by hunting them its taking me around the mean time. I love doing what you do and will never stop doing it. There is so much to see. Where your next project? Please let me know. Thank you MJP

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