Nine Gadgets I Won’t Travel Without

After traveling 61 countries across 6 continents I’m no stranger to moments of dullness. Long-haul flight, airport layovers, and down time between shoots give me the opportunity to collect my thoughts, watch some of my favorite shows, or get some much-needed work done. Don’t get me wrong; I take full advantage of inflight entertainment, but I also like to take my own goodies with me on trips. Here is a list of some gadgets that have made my travels more tolerable, plus a few I’m eyeing to get soon.

Gadgets I Never Leave Home Without

XShot Pro


The XShot Pro is a versatile camera extender that can be used for i-Phones, GoPro cameras, camcorders, and small digital cameras. It can be used to film and take photos. Of all the camera extenders out there, I would absolutely recommend the XShot Pro to anybody who wants to capture their travels on camera. Asking other people to take your picture is both obnoxious and risky. I like feeling independent when I am traveling, and I think this product delivers in this regard.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose QC25_headphones_davidsbeenhere

I use Quiet Comfort 25 noise cancelling headphones by Bose to get rid of unwanted ambient noise – crying babies, noisy passengers, clanging food carts, etc. The leather ear cushions make them super comfortable and fold up so they’re not bulky at all. I can also use them to listen to my music. is a great place to buy noise canceling headphones and earphones at wholesale prices.

Up24 Bracelet


This was my newest purchase, which I’ve already put to great use while traveling. The UP24 by Jawbone is a fitness bracelet that syncs via Bluetooth to an app that tracks your activities and sleep patterns. The app can tell you how many steps you’ve taken, hours of deep and light sleep you had, and how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day. I especially like it because it doesn’t look like jewelry and it only needs to be charged every 7 to 10 days.

iPad Air


If you’re an Apple fan, the ultrathin iPad Air, like Dell’s Inspiron, is a laptop/tablet hybrid. It’s so light that you’ll barely notice you’re carrying it, and it’s very thin – measuring just 0.29 inches. It also lays flat, unlike the older models. Add a keyboard to it, and you have the functionality of a laptop, at only a fraction of the weight.

Swiss Army Knife


This may not be the most modern of gadgets, but it is truly one of my favorite things to take with me on trips (just as long as I never accidentally leave it in my carry-on luggage). I especially love my scissor, corkscrew, and toothpick (yes I said it) attachments!

Gadgets on My Wish List

Airport Express

Airport Express Ports (2012)

Sometimes there is no guarantee that the hotel you’re staying at will have Wi-Fi. Apple’s Airport Express is great for those situations, since it acts as a wireless hub. All you need to do is plug the hotel’s Internet into it and plug it into a wall socket. You have have your own wireless network wherever you go. Also, at only 7.58 ounces, it hardly takes up any space in your luggage.

xFyro sS2

Aside from that xFyro xS2 is the perfect piece of travel gadget that is designed as a fully stylish, waterproof, and wireless earbuds delivering the best audio experience ever. Its high-speed charging case will also serve as a multifunctional power bank for your other devices.

Mophie Space Pack


Doubling the storage space of your iPhone and extending its battery life is the Mophie Space Pack. Simply snap your iPhone into it, and away you go. There are no wires to connect to or to carry along. There is an application that works with iTunes to help you manage your content, too.

Franklin 12-language Global Translator


World travel means interacting with people who don’t speak English. While most people who work in the tourism industry do speak at least some English, it’s not a guarantee. Also, if you venture off the beaten path into the less touristy areas, you’ll need to make yourself understood. The Franklin Global Translator can help you do that, and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

Dish Anywhere Hopper


Dish Anywhere Hopper is not a device:  it’s a service from the Dish Network that lets you transfer any shows recorded on your digital video recorder to your mobile device. It works with Apple and Android alike. Its main selling point is that it lets you watch your television shows offline, so that you can use it during those long flights. If you’re still catching up with Dexter, give this a try.

It’s easy to take for granted, but travel really is a breeze thanks to the advancement in modern mobile devices. They allow us to access information and entertainment-on-demand wherever we are.

What’s your favorite travel gadget? Tell us about it. Leave a comment below!

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