Four Ways to Travel the World and Make Money

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Gone are the days of needing to leave the house to make a dime with hopes and dreams of investing that back into a wild adventure spent traversing the globe. These days, thanks to the internet and opportunities online, budding travelers can top up their travel accounts even easier than ever before. If location independent nomads who roam the world laptop in hand can make it happen, why can’t you? Here are a few ideas to help get you started. If you want even more inspiration from other working travelers, check out a recent article we published: How to Make Money and Travel the World.


Freelance Writing

So much of the web’s content these days is written. With an ever increasing amount of people with large amounts of time to spend online, the number of websites both new and old prospecting writers with new content ideas is endless. If you’re keen on writing and can knock out an article with ease, why not consider giving it a go? Whether you work for content agencies directly or choose to freelance through dedicated sites like Elance or Odesk, the opportunities for taking your work on the road are there if you want them.

Professional Gambling

Sometimes seen as a slightly shadier way of making money, gambling has a much-enhanced reputation since coming online the past decade and helping to be a viable income source for players willing to dedicate the time and attention to learn and get good. A game of online roulette, for example, can be a great way to earn a bit of extra cash for travelling. Couple that with a few rounds of poker, or even a flutter at blackjack and you can maybe make a career of it yet. Of course you’ll want to remain disciplined and careful in your approach, but travelling the world playing online is being done by thousands the world over.


Teaching English

Thanks to the explosion in online learning forums, teaching is bigger than ever in the online world. Subjects are varied too, and can range from anything you might have a rudimentary knowledge of to other things much more in-depth. Look at sites like Coursera and SkillShare for ideas on the types of courses people have set up and charge a fee for. If you feel confident enough to teach things you have a grounding in there’s no reason you can’t do the same. My good friend Nomadic Samuel has written a great deal on his experiences teaching English abroad.

You might even be able to teach people about travel in some way, especially budgeting, building an itinerary or selling travel guides, just like what happens here at David’s Been Here.


Designing or Coding

Some of the biggest industries that have been completely shaken up by remote work are design and programming. Nowadays you’ll find a that there are several working professionals in both disciplines living out of hostels across Asia and South America, plying their trade by day and kicking back and soaking in the travel experiences by night.

Thanks to the ease of working on projects due to cloud software and web integration, designers and programmers no longer have a need for physical offices and can instead work wherever they find themselves just like my friend Michael Tieso from Art of Adventuring.

Working online, as shown, is really only limited by your imagination. Thanks to all the tools and options available, you can pretty much achieve anything across the web if you put your mind to it. Even sustaining a lifestyle of full-time travel or building a base for wherever else you want to live.

Do you work online and live abroad? Let us know what you do by leaving a comment below!

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