The Annual Moldova Wine Festival in Chisinau

David’s Been Here is in Moldova touring the country’s world-famous Annual Wine Festival. Taking place on the first weekend in October, wineries from all over the country come together in Chisinau to present their newest wine selections to both domestic and international tourists. With dancing, music, lots of food and spectacular cultural performances going on, this annual wine festival is one of the most memorable events of the year in Moldova. Watch along as David walks us around the 12th Annual Moldova Wine Festival (October 5, 2013), displaying all the sounds, sights and attractions along the way.

Didn’t know Moldova was such a big wine destination? The country has actually been home to vineyards since 3000 BC, with traces of grape vines dating back to the Thracians in 7000 BC. Throughout its history, Moldova has been producing wine for itself and surrounding European countries, with over 147,000 hectares of land cultivated for the production. If you love wine tours, wine tastings and everything about viticulture, this annual Wine Festival is a must visit. The best thing about Moldova’s wine festival is, of course, the wine… but the cultural performances, delicious food stations, music, dancing and overall buzz of Chisinau makes it an unforgettable experience. If you’re planning a trip to Moldova during the beginning of Autumn, make sure you coincide your trip with Chisinau and the country’s Wine Festival!

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To learn more about the festival check out our Guide to the Annual Moldovan Wine Festival

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