Introducing Subtrav: Subscription Based Travel

We recently learned about an exciting subscription-based travel service called Sub Trav that allows travelers to pay what they want to find perfect destinations to suit their needs. The first time I heard about it, I have to admit I was a bit confused since most subscription-based travel services only provide membership to clubs that do not really provide many benefits. There are others out there that charge a ridiculous $249 a month!


SubTrav is ideal for people with independent spirits who want to see new places and experience new things. Some of my best travel experiences have come by way of chance and by jumping in feet first. With its upcoming launch in September 2015, here’s everything you should know about this unique service by SubTrav:

Pay what you want

It is easy to to why SubTrav is so attractive. It lets members pay what they want starting at $10 per month. Choose how much you want to pay per month. $50? Okay! $500? That’s cool too. The more you pay, the more money SubTrav can put into your trip. SubTrav lets you choose your monthly price and deliver information about destinations for up to three trips a year. Like me, the founders of SubTrav want to encourage people to be spontaneous and just go.

How SubTrav will work

Members will take a survey so that SubTrav can match them up with destinations based on their lifestyle and travel preferences. With this information, SubTrav sends suggestions and the traveler selects one. This exciting idea helps people attain affordable vacations and the ability to learn about places they wouldn’t have otherwise considered on their own.

“I know exactly where I want to go” option

Let’s say you know precisely where you want to go on your next trip. There’s an option for that where you can choose and SubTrav books the trip. Your monthly fee covers the cost of a hotel. If you choose to pay more, your flights can be covered as well. For example, $10/month = $120/year which could get you a weekend trip with hotel only. Or $100/month = $1,200/year which could get you a week-long trip with hotel and a flight.

Basically, if you pay more, SubTrav takes care of more. Simple enough, right?

You will know what you’re getting because SubTrav’s survey will show you the types of destinations that are available at each monthly subscription level. For instance, when you choose what you want to pay each month, SubTrav clearly states what destinations they can purchase with your desired subscription level. Then, SubTrav sends all the information you will need. You’ll just have to let SubTrav know about the dates you are available.

What I like is that Subtrav does not make itineraries for you—these are individual trips and not tour packages—you are free to explore and do exactly as you wish on the trip. However, SubTrav can send tips and suggestions about things to do if that’s what you want.

Win a trip!

Travelers who supply an email will be notified of the SubTrav launch and entered to win a free trip. Plus, if they share their idea in a tweet or on Facebook, they receive five additional entries to win a free trip. SubTrav plans to launch this service in September but in the meantime it’s possible to sign up for free vacations and other giveaways.

Why I like SubTrav

I am excited about the launch of SubTrav because it is a unique small business that does more than a travel agent can. It can open your eyes to possibilities and destinations you may have never thought of, and they can help you get there. I love seeing creative ways to get people to travel, and so far, SubTrav seems to be one of the best ideas to hit the travel industry in 2015. As someone who travels often, I know the importance of knowing when you can travel and enough flexibility to take advantage of last minute money-saving travel deals. Super discounted travel is possible, although most people do not have the time or contacts to take advantage of them.

If you’re open to seeing to new places, SubTrav is your answer to personalized travel.

Stay tuned to Subtrav updates via Twitter @SubTrav

Become a member for $5/month!

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