The Best Sushi Outside Japan: Etika in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are specifically known for one specialty: their seafood. If you plan to visit this gorgeous archipelago tucked between the North Atlantic & Norwegian Sea- sampling their sea fare is a no brainer. But if you think having an abundance of seafood means having an abundance of sushi restaurants… think again! The Faroe Islands’ capital city of Torshavn is home to only one (incredible) sushi restaurant, Etika. Etika takes the Islands’ ocean specialties and crafts them into some of the world’s most delicious sushi creations. With such flavorful and fresh seafood (including some of the world’s best salmon) at their fingertips, Etika is able to produce incredible arrangements with standards and quality that compete with the best Japanese sushi. Watch as David’s Been Here samples and explains Etika’s concepts and creations alongside the restaurant’s manager John. If you are a sushi lover looking to eat some of the most delicious sushi in the world, stopping into Etika is an absolute must!

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