Exploring the Colossal Medieval Fortress of Smederevo

David’s Been Here is traveling through Serbia in search of the top destinations and must-see sites of the country. In this travel clip, David brings us to the Medieval Fortress of Smederevo, located in the city of Smederevo about 30 miles south of Belgrade. Completed in 1439, this palace and walled-in city is one of Europe’s largest flat-ground fortresses, spanning an area of nearly 10.5 acres. When the capital of Belgrade fell to the Hungarian Empire, Smederevo’s Fortress was built with the intention of being the next capital of Serbia. Requiring an extraordinary amount of manpower and time to build, this compound stands as quite the controversial structure in Serbia’s history. Ultimately falling to the Turks/Ottomans in the late 15th century, the fortress wasn’t returned to Serbia until the mid-late 19th century. If you love European history and exploring medieval structures, this fortress is a must-see!

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