VIDEO: 72 Hour #MyStopover With Icelandair

If you’re planning a trip to Europe from North America (or vice versa), consider taking Icelandair for a stopover of up to 7 days in Iceland with no additional charge to your fares. Join me for #MyStopover with Icelandair where I spend 72 incredible hours in Iceland!


My journey starts in Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik, which serves as my home basel. I visit the iconic Sun Voyager sculpture, Church of Hallgrimskirkja (with the most incredible views over Reykjavik), statue of Leif Eriksson and what is claimed (and confirmed) to be the country’s most delicious hot dogs. Only 25 minutes outside the airport- Reykjavik is amazing!


Next up during my 72-hour stopover is a flight aboard the Hekla Aurora- the newest airplane in the Icelandair fleet. With its own mini Northern Lights show and brand new everything on board- it’s an experience well worth the hype!


From here I take the 90-minute inaugural flight and land back in Reykjavik. The next day we drive to the Gullfoss Waterfall (Iceland’s most popular), pay a visit to the region’s most famous geyser (going off 120 feet every 4-8 minutes), the ancient crater of Kerio and wash it all down with Iceland’s best lamb shank at Frost & Fire Hotel (cooked underground from the geothermal heat!)


Stuffed from lamb & bread, we then head off on an ATV Safari for a outdoor adventure and some more incredible views over Reykjavik. After the fun, we get down to some serious business with one of the most loved and hated foods in the world: fermented shark. Despite causing slight olfactory damage, I stomach the test!!


Rewarded for my efforts, I am able to live a lifelong fantasy of visiting Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. A giant, man-made pool of geothermal waters, this remedial pool is said to have incredible healing powers for those suffering psoriasis. With over half a million visitors every year, there’s no doubt that the waters are magic! After a serious soak and scrub, I reluctantly head back to the airport at the end of #MyStopover with Icelandair. If you’re traveling the Europe/North America route, make sure to book with Icelandair and take advantage of this incredible travel opportunity!!

Production by Carlos de Varona from Chromahouse

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6 thoughts on “VIDEO: 72 Hour #MyStopover With Icelandair”

  1. Looks like you had quite the time exploring Iceland! I can;t wait to get there soon myself.

    1. David says:

      Thanks Kristen!! Yes it was a fun trip. This was a whole new style and we are going to be doing more videos like this. Thank you again for watching and commenting!!!

  2. lhanz says:

    Hi David. Seems like blue lagoon is a great place. Nice to see this video.

    1. David says:

      thank you!!

  3. Sue says:

    We have an unplanned week to fill in early March. We are considering Iceland as everyone in our group can get their fairly easily… adult children coming from Seatlle, New York and Detroit. Is it crazy to go in March? too cold? too limiting in what we can do? We are a group that likes lots of activity. Any thoughts… or other great places we should go instead considering our various starting points.
    ps thanks for your help with Extremadura… we are taking your suggestions for our trip!

  4. Giuliana says:

    Hi i will make a wuick stop over in Reykevick April 10th what recommendations u have?

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