Five Things to Do in Paris This Summer

If you’re wondering what to do in Paris this summer, there are plenty of options. Here are four to consider if you’re headed to the city of lights within the next couple of months.

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Hit the Beach

Paris in the summer is hot, so is the Paris Plages event. This is the quintessential low-cost activity in Paris during summer. Those traveling to Paris think it’s amazing, and Parisians stuck in the city during the hottest days of the year absolutely love it. In 2002 Mayor Bertrand Delanoë ordered sand to the River Seine’s banks so that people could enjoy the shore.

For the past 13 years Paris Plages has included the Bassin de la Villette canal. Think sunbathing, beach picnics with fresh, hot French baguettes, volleyball, and boule games everywhere. Oohh la la! This year, the Paris Plages event starts on July 19th and ends on August 16th this year.

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Canal de l’Ourq-paris-davidsbeenhere

Have Lunch with a View

Le Pavillion des Canaux is a restaurant is a place you dream about finding by chance in Paris but almost never do: it is in an older two-story home that overlooks the Canal de l’Ourq. It’s surrounded by houseboats. Patrons ring the doorbell and, Entre’! It’s a bit like being inside a French Impressionist painting. The colors are vibrant, there are lush plants everywhere, and the staff attends to every need. It’s possible to have dinner in the living room, a gorgeous bedroom (which is just for dining, not for sleeping), and outside by the water. The menu is also reasonable: You can have a heaping plate of lobster americaines salad for about 8 euros or a typical French chicken dish for about ten euros. The desserts are also delectable, and the carrot or pecan cake are worth the calories.

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Stay in a Home Away from Home

What if you could stay is a chic Paris apartment without paying boutique hotel prices? Hotel rates in Paris, especially in the summer, are outrageous, but staying in a hostel isn’t everyone’s go-to method for saving money. Instead, I suggest renting a Paris apartment for the week and stay in the city center to make it easier to take in the main attractions. Take a look at HouseTrip apartments in Paris and save your money for the following recommendation!


Shop Like a Parisien

Okay, so Paris is a city for shoppers and, although it’s easy to spend big money on French couture, Parisians are known for the ability to sniff out bargains. A Paris workshop known as Beau Travail is one of the places that frugal fashionable people like to shop. Nothing is mass-produced, and it is possible to buy everything from jewelry to lamps to leather goods. For example, a designer handbag costs twenty euros—not two hundred or two thousand! The shop is open on Saturdays to the public from 2:00pm to 7:00pm and by appointment at other times.

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Champagne River Tour

Finally, because no trip to Paris is complete without a river tour and a glass of French champagne under the stars. Vedettes de Paris tours is a great option. There are many different Paris boat tours, and many are cheaper (and more touristy) than this one. The sommelier offers three different varieties of champagne while viewing the city from a clear glass-walled panorama room on the foredeck and it’s perfect.

Below is an info graphic we hope you’ll find useful if you’re headed to Paris this summer!

What are your favorite things to do in Paris in the summer? Leave us a comment below!

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