Top 5 Luxury Travel Accessories

Recently, I was asked about my top five luxury travel accessories. Since I travel all the time, I’ve learned that sometimes it makes good sense to spend money on tools that absolutely must perform when I’m away from home. For example, a durable watch, a leather travel bag, a rugged carry-on, packable boots, and an Apple watch are things I rely on.

For me, luxury does not scream “I spent a lot of money on this”. Luxury means I don’t worry about breakage of a bag or carry-on that gets constant use and that I have access to the tools I need when I travel. Poor quality accessories break. Having the contents of a carry-on spill into the aisle when deplaning is frustrating but not having a pair of watertight boots during a flash flood is an avoidable tragedy.


Bertucci Watch

A good watch is worth its weight in gold, but I don’t wear a gold watch when I travel. Flashy accessories attract thieves and unnecessary attention in some parts of the world as well. I prefer a high-performance watch such as Bertucci. Minimalist design and practical features, such as DX3 water-resistant (to 328 feet) hardware and performance bands, make this watch an easy choice for me. I love that the watch hands are always illuminated. My watch wears like iron but doesn’t feel heavy on the arm or wrist. Bertucci watches are made in the U.S. to military specifications: is one of the company’s authorized sellers.

Apple Watch

Likewise, an Apple watch is an incredibly useful tool for many reasons. I travel light, and an Apple watch is an easy way to maintain the benefits of mobile computing. Messages arrive on the watch face, so I’m constantly in touch without my mobile in hand. This accurate timepiece is also great for daily workouts. There are so many features! If you travel, lead an active life, work a demanding job, or all of the above, check it out.


Leather Travel Bag by Jekyll and Hyde

Independent travel requires a lot of planning ahead. I’ve learned that an effective travel plan avoids the need to bring everything I rely upon at home. However, a rugged leather travel bag is something I cannot do without. I prefer a bag that helps me organize. Jekyll and Hide offer a large assortment of leather travel bags online. Nylon and synthetics just don’t hold up over time like high quality, natural leather.


Trunkster Carry-On

Similarly, the right carry-on avoids losing luggage and delays at baggage claim. I recently found a zipper-free carry-on from Trunkster. This is a start-up company that was Kickstarter funded earlier this year. This business deserves to grow: the sliding rolltop door (think rolltop desk) is genius design and altogether avoids the problem of zippers on a carry-on. It’s theft-repellent, well-constructed, and light, too.


Hunter Packable Boots

Hunter packable boots are the final must-have luxury. An independent traveler can find himself in high water day or night, and having a light pair of watertight boots in my carry-on has saved the day on several occasions.

That’s my take on the top five luxury travel accessories. Having the right travel accessories ultimately saves time, money, and peace of mind. What are your top five luxury items for travel?

What are your favorite luxury travel accessories? Leave us a comment below!

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