5 Budget Tips When Traveling To Japan

Japan is known for many things such as Toyota cars, quality electronics, rich culture or magnificent temples. It’s also believed to be one of the most expensive countries to live in, which may make tourists realise how costly an affair it might be. However, it is all about how the visitor will choose to get along. First, get prepared and buy whatever items you need earlier. It will be much more affordable when you shop with coupons and look for the best deals.

For instance, if you get some promos at Discountrue you will be able to shop at all your favorite shops including Bloomingdales, REI and many more with huge discounts. The next step will be checking out some helpful tips so you know how to behave after you’ve arrived in Japan. It will make your travel not only become cheap but also fun and memorable! So, are you still scratching you head? Grab these tips and you will be assured of a budget travel to this beautiful country!


Budget Food


Food is an important consideration for every traveler. Besides the fact that one can’t do without it, your budget can be ruined, depending on where you go looking for it. Surprisingly, in Japan food is very cheap. A number of shops dubbed ‘100-yen’ offer various meals and household items at only 100 yen, which is about 1 US dollar. They are very popular and therefore easy to locate. However, if you prefer to prepare your meals, there are hostels that allow you to do that, too.

Budget Airline


The first challenge on your trip will be actually getting to Japan, which isn’t facilitated by it being an island country. There are a couple of airlines that will offer to fly you to this East Asian Country and thanks to competition, need for class and comfort, prices will vary magnificently. As long as basic requirements of comfort and safety are concerned, all airlines meet them, so there is no cause for an alarm. In general, the national carrier Japan Airlines is an affordable option for domestic flights. So, why waste the cash?

Budget Accommodation


With over 120,000 million people, accommodation in Japan is a costly affair. Hotels cash in on the demand and chances of high pricing are high. However, that should not curtail your budget accommodation in any Japanese city. Surprisingly, it is much cheaper if you would like to roll up your sleeves for some work. A number of Japanese hotels allow occupants to pay less if they clean the room. Of course, this is business; you earn what a cleaner could have earned. Here is a list of 9 family friendly hotels in Tokyo.

Redeem Credit Card Points

Many people dread credit cards. Myths have been peddled over time that credit cards are expensive and that they encourage impulse spending. It is possible, but it also can be on the contrary – they will prove to save you a lot. Every time the card is used, reward points accumulate. These points can be redeemed in many places and Japan is not an exception. For example, if you plan right and pay for services at the hotels using your card, you might be offered one or two free nights in Tokyo. The Points Guy website has a wealth of information about credit card travel points and can help you with this tremendously.

Budget Attractions


It can easily be pointed out that enjoyment doesn’t depend strictly on the amount of money you have, but there will be some attractions which you might not be able to afford. However, this issue can be solved with some research! You will find that museums have different charges depending on artifacts contained in there, some of which you many not even be interested in. So, plan on what you want to see and check the prices carefully. You might get a deal elsewhere with the same experiences and stunningly cheaper! Here are 101 cheap and free things to do in Tokyo.

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