Top 5 Places for Outdoor Activities in Philippines

The Philippines is a great place to visit when looking for fun and adventure. Its got a vast history and beautiful landmarks to visit. You won’t only have a great learning experience, but you will also have the time of your life trying out the many things they have to offer.

From food to marine life or various events, there are millions of outdoor adventures you will be able to do in this country’s diverse natural wonders, whether you’re alone, with friends or family! It’s definitely a country to visit when touring Asia, as you will get to experience a lot of new things.


Best Places for Outdoor Activities in the Philippines

So the next time you’re in the Philippines or planning a trip there, you can start planning early and visit these places for some best outdoor activities in philippines!


Intramuros-Fort Santiago-phillippines-davidsbeenhere

Intramuros, also known as the “Walled City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is in the heart of Manila. This is the main city found in the capital of the Philippines.

It’s known for its vast and tragic history during the World War ii, with dozens of tourist attractions you can visit. You can either choose to walk around the area visiting the various areas, or you can even be shown around via bamboo bike or horse!

While you won’t be able to tour it all in one whole day, it does get pretty tiring afterwards from all the walking. So after that, you can take a stroll down the food places of Manila and get a taste of the awesome and delicious Filipino food after to refuel!



Rizal is a province found in the Philippines and near Metro Manila. It is home to dozens of beautiful mountains that you can climb! From encountering the sea of clouds in the morning or stargazing at night, it definitely is the best for family camping or spending time with your loved ones. You can join many organizations and events where you can meet new people and experience the trek up the summits!

Among the few paragliding sites in Rizal Province, San Mateo stands out with its excellent thermals and updrafts, offering pilots picturesque flights over rolling hills, rice terraces, and forests.



Sagada is found up north, where you can also climb and visit the hanging cemetery. They are famous for their strawberry fields, so you can feel free to pick and harvest these yourself! It’s a bit of an adventure, especially if you choose to commute going up the mountains!



This is between Metro Manila, Cavite, and Batangas. It’s home to the famous Taal Volcano. You can even take a boat ride going there, or opt to visit People’s Park and Sky Ranch, where various activities can be done such as family camping or rappelling! After that, you can go enjoy the breeze at night and have some hot bulalo (Filipino beef stew) for dinner, which is a must try when in Tagaytay!



Batangas is the nearest place in Metro Manila where you can find all the beautiful beaches. Not only can you lay around and have some fun under the sun, you can do other things as well, such as go paddleboarding, snorkeling, and even island hopping! Batangas is also home to a lot of festivals and great food, so be sure to try them out as well.

Anilao, near Batangas, is renowned for scuba diving. Known as the “birthplace of Philippine scuba diving,” Anilao offers exceptional opportunities to observe macro marine life and enjoy muck diving.

Divers can encounter colorful nudibranchs, seahorses, and other fascinating creatures in its rich waters.

Cagayan River

Cagayan River

The Cagayan River offers various outdoor activities for adventurers and nature enthusiasts. Here are some popular options:

Whitewater Rafting Experience: Certain sections of the Cagayan River, particularly in areas like the municipality of Tabuk in Kalinga Province, are popular whitewater rafting destinations and offer thrilling and white-water rafting experiences. This activity is perfect for adrenaline junkies looking to navigate through rapids and cascades.

Kayaking and Canoeing: Explore the scenic beauty of the Cagayan River at a leisurely pace by kayaking or canoeing. This allows you to immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings while enjoying the natural landscapes and wildlife along the riverbanks for extreme adventure activities.

Hiking and Nature Walks: Explore the surrounding areas of the Cagayan River by embarking on hiking trails or nature walks. Discover hidden waterfalls, caves, and scenic viewpoints as you trek through the lush forests and rugged terrain.

River Cruises: Relax and unwind on a river cruise along the Cagayan River. Enjoy panoramic views of the lush forests, mountains, and villages that dot the river’s course. River cruises often include opportunities for sightseeing, birdwatching, and cultural experiences.

Danao Adventure Park

Danao Adventure Park

Danao Adventure Park in Cebu island, Philippines, offers a variety of thrilling outdoor activities, including ziplining, rappelling, caving, and river tubing. Perfect for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.

Now that you know the best places for outdoor activities in philippines, you can now plan your trip properly and have the time of your life as you go around the Philippines and get the fun vacation you deserve! So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today and make sure to do your research on the best places to visit!

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