Tips for Booking Last-Minute First Class Flights

A few years ago you could easily buy a cheap plane seat a couple of days or even a couple of hours before the flight. But since low-cost airlines appeared, snatching a last minute deal has become virtually impossible. Any frequent flier would tell you that waiting till the last moment to book your flight is not a good idea, as flights cost the least the day they are released, and then the price is gradually crawling up as the day of the flight is approaching.


But let’s imagine you have to fly immediately to get to an unscheduled business meeting, or you feel like running away from the routine and traveling somewhere warm and sunny all of a sudden. Will you have to pay a ridiculously high price for your flight? Yes, normally, you will. However, there are still cases when a ticket purchased last minute may turn out to be cheaper than the one you booked three months ago. These inexpensive last minute specials are sometimes offered by charter airlines, as every empty seat is a huge loss of revenue for these companies.

Here are four handy tips on how to reserve a last minute business class flight for as little money as possible:

Look for last minute deals on certain days

Airlines usually offer low last minute airfares for flights which depart on Fridays and Saturdays, and these offers are released on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Subscribe to airlines’ newsletters if you want to be among the first people to find out about their last minute deals. You could also sign up to an airline’s frequent flyer program to collect points that you can use for perks such as seat upgrades and free checked luggage. I personally use One World the most because they have an extensive network of participating airlines and they always credit me my miles on time, although things have been changing lately with American Airlines.


Nothing compared to the “food” in economy

Be spontaneous

The golden rule of last minute travel is always being spontaneous and highly flexible. And this doesn’t only refer to flight dates. When you research ticket prices online, you will notice that flights which take off from an out-of-the-way airport are sometimes a lot cheaper, so be prepared to drive an extra hour or so.

A meal setting in a first class seat abo

Emirates Business Class, a true dining experience!

Book immediately

While you are still thinking about reserving this amazing last minute deal you found this morning, someone is already paying for it. Cheap last minute tickets sell like hotcakes, so when you find the one that suits you, book it immediately. Also be sure to take advantage of promo codes from airlines and third-party booking services when they come available. The best way to spot the tickets is to download a travel app like Justfly so you can check these deals directly from your Smartphone. Check out this Justfly Review to see how easy and fast it is to book your trip and to get price alerts on the flights you want.


Flying Madrid -> Miami happy as a clam in business class

Fly alone

You may think that this last tip is sad, but the truth is, snatching one inexpensive seat last minute is much more possible than booking two or more. But don’t despair just yet. You don’t necessarily have to be alone once you arrive at your destination. Allow a sizeable window for everyone to arrive and enjoy the trip with your favorite people.

One more good thing about last minute travel, apart from it possibly being cheap, is that getting a business class seat last minute is no less realistic than getting one in economy. In this case not only will you be paying less, you will also be flying in luxury and comfort of business class. And what else could you possibly want?

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What is your favorite airline to fly Business Class? Tell us about it! Leave us a comment below.

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  1. Raymond says:

    Nothing to do with flying. I fly first class or business class every time and I find the only cheep way is through one world and then book at last minute. Well I always get great deals that way.
    Thanks Raymond

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