Create A Memorable Camping Experience With Glamping Tents

A tent is among the most essential items that must be considered while planning for a camping holiday, but choosing the best one especially for glamping is very important. The quality of your tent can wither create good memories or ruin your glamping experience – every camper/glamper needs a comfortable and safe shelter while camping outdoors. But in selecting the perfect tent there are several factors to be considered like quality of the material, price of the product, the facilities available, set up time, plus a lot more.

So, conducting proper research is the key to selecting the best one for your needs. If you need advice on making camping really easy, is a great resource. But once you know what you need, online is the perfect place to shop for tents and other camping essentials and to compare pricing.


Choosing the Perfect Tent

Most first-time campers think that their tent is just a temporary make-shift shelter, but it’s actually something that will serve several purposes: a place to sleep, change your clothes, protection from the elements, etc. Knowing how to make a proper selection can make a world of difference and can change your entire outlook on camping. The first thing to consider should be the type of weather expected on the dates of your camping trip. If the weather is expected to be a fair, then a lightweight collapsible tent may be acceptable. But to avoid any uncertainties it is always safer to purchase a three-season tent to counter the occasional summer shower or cold snap. The weight of the tent should also play a major role in its selection. Since camping mostly involves hiking, dragging a heavy tent pack can often be tiring and exhaustive. So, opting for the light-weight tent with the least amount of stakes will be a prudent decision to make while choosing the best tents for camping. Remember it’s always better to opt for one that contains a waterproof travel case rather than cramming the whole thing inside a bag.


Tips for Glamping

Once you’ve found the perfect tent, you’ll need to tackle some other points so that your camping trip can be as comfy as possible. Here are some tips:


  • Choose the right sleeping bag. Pay attention to the temperature ranges on the sleeping bags so you’re not too hot or too cold.
  • Get a self-inflating sleeping pad so you don’t sleep on the hard floor
  • Pack an eye mask and ear plugs to drown out noise from fellow campers
  • Thought about entertainment such as movies and gaming? A portable HD projector would be a perfect for them cosy nights in (or out)
  • Bring along bug spray, bottled water, and a flashlight
  • If you like to read, bring along your back-lighted e-reader such as a Kindle so that you won’t have to shine a flashlight on a book
  • Buy easy-light fire logs that come pre-seasoned to burn with just one match
  • Pack your favorite snacks and boxed wine!

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  1. Tiffany Bolgert says:

    Can’t believe I’ve never even heard of this term “glamping” before. Definitely looks like something I could get into, although I’m worried that it would spoil regular camping for me…

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