Bluesmart Review: Smartest Suitcase in the World

I travel frequently, so I’m always looking for products to help make the whole process less stressful and more efficient, and I especially love “smart” products, like my iPhone for example. I live with that thing attached to me, so when Bluesmart luggage approached me and offered to let me try their Bluesmart One carry-on suitcase, I was very excited to try it out.

The Bluesmart carry-on (unfortunately they don’t make full size suitcases – yet) comes with way more bells and whistles than your average carry-on. It was made for travelers using super-durable materials and revolutionary features.

What Makes it So Smart?

As an avid traveler, there are two things that I look at to judge if a product is really worth the hype. First, does is make traveling safer? Second, does it save me time? I think the Bluesmart delivers on both, and here’s why.

Now with all the uncertainty in travel (travel bans, electronic bans, security delays, etc.) I feel better knowing that the items in my carry-on are perfectly safe and that I can lock them up if needed.

Bluesmart lets you lock your suitcase remotely via the app. If it leaves your side the bag will lock itself. The app also registers its weight and lets you track the bag’s location anywhere in the world without incurring any extra fees.

And last but not least, the Bluesmart comes with a battery charger that can charge your device up to 6 times, which is fantastic if you’re going to have a layover or you’re heading on a weekend getaway and don’t want to worry about a charger. The lock is TSA compliant and the battery is FAA approved.

It saved me time when I didn’t have to scour the airport walls and fuss with an adapter to charge my phone AND when I easily slid my laptop out of the external laptop pocket for security checks without having to unzip the entire suitcase.

How it Held Up in Turkey

I flew round-trip from Miami to Istanbul and had a domestic flight in Turkey from Istanbul to Antalya. Overall, I loved the way the Bluesmart performed. With all the bans and boosted security, I wanted to travel light. The carry-on has hubless wheels, which glided perfectly.

I had my suitcase locked most of the time, but I could unlock it from my app. I also knew exactly how much it weighed before heading the airport.

Is it Worth the Price?

Compared to other suitcases it is pricier but has way more to offer the traveler in terms of technology. The Bluesmart One normally would run you $449. Use promo code DAVIDSBEENHERE for 15% off today!


My only complaint about the Bluesmart app is that it can only control one bag. I just so happened to travel with two carry-ons (I designated one to be checked in) and I couldn’t use the app for both. Other than that, the Bluesmart really is the smartest suitcase in the world.

I partnered with Bluesmart for this article. All opinions are my own.

Have any questions about the Bluesmart suitcase? Leave me a comment below!

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