5 Best Places to Visit in Jaipur

I went biking through India, and the places I went were absolutely amazing, but the time I spent in Jaipur was some of the best experiences I had.

If you ever find yourself in India, you need to make your way to Jaipur to visit some of the most beautiful scenery and architecture you will ever see.

I loved seeing the beautiful colors that lit up as the sun rose and set each day and the amazing smells from market stalls and small restaurants. With friendly people guiding you and helping you to feel at home, Jaipur is one of the nicest places I have ever traveled.

Being in Jaipur also made me appreciate the beauty of simple living. Being around the natives in Jaipur gave me the culture of daily life, lifestyle, worship, and dedication to community and family. When you visit Jaipur, and you will, these are the five best places you need to see for yourself!

Hawa Mahal – this beautiful palace-like building, Hawa Mahal, or “Palace of the Winds,” is where royal women would once go to enjoy festivities on the streets. It was built in 1799 with a mix of Hindu Rajput, and Islamic Mughal architecture, which combined makes this beautiful orange wall of windows that rise to the sky.

It is five stories high with fluted pillars, floral designs, and domes incorporated throughout the building. There are many secret passages, corridors, and hideaway places to explore in this beautiful building.

This is one of the most famed attractions in Jaipur. You can visit the palace and learn more on its cultural and architectural history that enriches you about the city view and the people who live there.

Amer Fort – This fort is in Amer, which is a small town of only 4 square kilometers, and is just 11 kilometers from Jaipur. This fort is built from red sandstone and marble which creates a beautiful red and golden mixture that shines in the sunlight.

This fort has beautiful Hindu architecture and is set high upon a hill that overlooks Maota Lake. Gates and cobbled paths are found throughout the fort, and it all looks beautiful. Once you reach the Sun Gate, you take an elephant ride through it and experience Indian culture.

Shri Kali Temple – This temple dedicated to the Goddess Kali is near the Sanganeri Gate. This temple is designed to make the visitors feel welcomed and at ease while Kali Mata gives her protection, blessing, and helps you find peace.

The temple features colorful architecture, stone carvings, and statues. There are numerous festivities and ceremonies held at the temple worshipping Kali and protecting the people. What makes the Shri Kali Temple so unique is that it is cared for by the local Indian community in the small town where it is located.

Nahargarh Fort – is located on top of the Aravalli Hills that overlook Jaipur and miles of India. The sight seen from this fort is breathtakingly stunning. This fort was once a defense structure and provided a strong defense for the city.

This fortress was built in 1734 and was used as a place of relaxation for the ruler at the time. This palace was said to be haunted, but after a shrine was built in their honor, the hauntings stopped, and the fort became peaceful once more.

This attraction is very popular, even amongst Indian natives. There have been numerous movies filmed at this location and attracts more people to visit the highly sought after destination.

Birla Mandir – is a beautifully architectured temple created with white marble and a modern approach. Inside the temple, you will find the three domes that encompass the three religions of India. Creating the three sections was done as a tribute to the nation and its secular nature.

Once inside, you will find that the temple is devoted to Lord Narayan and Goddess Lakshmi by the idols, but there are more statues and carvings of other Gods and Goddesses, Hindu symbols, quotes and even philosophers like Socrates.

This temple is new in construction. It was built between 1977 and lasted until 1985, but in 1985 the temple was opened to the public and continues to overwhelm the natives and tourists with its stunning beauty!

Beyond the beautiful architecture of temples and fortresses lies the beauty of the land and the people who live there. Immerse yourself in the culture and learn to live like the people while you’re there, you will feel like you’ve always belonged and you’ve found something you were missing.


After leaving Jaipur to continue my adventures, I found myself reveling in the architecture and scenic views I once had daily. The people who took to me like I was their family and helped me to engage in the festivities, blessings, and prayers as though I was one of their own. Jaipur is well worth the travel and the time you dedicate to see and experience it, so make the time and visit Jaipur!

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