Austrian Language: A Crash Course

What’s up, friends? David Hoffmann here. As you may know by now, as a world traveler, it is essential to learn words and phrases in other languages. Luckily for me, I have a passion for studying and learning new languages! I currently speak English, Spanish, and Italian fluently and am studying Portuguese as we speak. In this video, I team up with my good friends Mike and Nellie from Making it Happen Vlog to try to learn some Austrian language phrases. Here are 18 phrases only Austrians would know!

1. A geh’ hear auf!
2. I muas nu gach!
3. I schau nur!
4. Ruaf ma uns daun nu zsaum!
5. Na, is eh nett!
6. Wennst manst!
7. Damma wos!
8. Eh kloar!
9. Host mi?!
10. Jo glei!
11. Na geh!
12. A geh!
13. Jetzt donn nocha glei amoi!
14. Na no na net!
15. Schauma moi!
16. Passt scho!
17. Jo eh!
18. Sammas?

The Bottom Line

That was my crash course in the Austrian language! So, tell me. How’d you do on this crash course on the Austrian language? No worries if you didn’t nail it right away. Neither did I! One thing I’ve learned on my language journey is that patience is key. Some languages are extremely difficult to learn, especially for native English speakers. Placing your lips and tongue just right so you can make the proper sounds can take some getting used to.

My best advice to you is to keep at it, regardless of which language you’re trying to learn. You won’t learn it overnight. It will take a lot of time and dedication to become fluent and conversational, but you can do it! I grew up speaking Spanish, learned English in school, and then studied Italian after staying with my mom’s family and being lost in translation. If you set your mind to it, you can accomplish it!

Besides the Austrian language, if there are any other languages you’d like to see me try, let me know!

Where have you been?

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