How to Make Money on YouTube

Hi everyone, David Hoffmann here. Today I will share with you seven different revenue streams you can generate by creating content for YouTube. Here is how you make money on YouTube!

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the first way you make money on YouTube. The estimate is that you’ll earn between $1,000 and $1,500 for every million views. However, this can fluctuate depending on where your viewers are watching from. Views from countries like the UK and the United States will earn more money. Views from countries like India and Pakistan will bring in much lower amounts. This is because American advertisers pay more per person. While your earnings are largely out of your control, you can try to maximize your views by choosing an enticing YouTube thumbnail and video title.

Affiliate links are the bread and butter of revenue for many YouTubers. If you become an Amazon Affiliate, you can add an affiliate link to the products you use. (LOOK AT THE VERY BOTTOM HERE!)

3. Working with Brands

Working with brands is another important way to make money on YouTube. Brands who like the size of your audience and feel that you fit their brand may contact you. These brands may ask for a simple a shout-out that lasts for a certain number of seconds or a dedicated video. The amount you earn will often depend on your audience size.

4. Merchandise

Selling merchandise is a great way to make money on YouTube

I know a lot of YouTubers making over six figures a year selling T-shirts. Besides T-shirts, you can sell your own branded merchandise. If you have a large or dedicated following, selling merch can be a great way to make money on YouTube. For example, I sell apparel, mugs, beanies, and e-books in my store.

5. Get Hired by Tourism Boards, Hotels, and Tour Companies

Getting hired by tourism boards, hotels, and companies is a great way to make money on YouTube

If you are a travel/lifestyle video creator, this is the crucial. Tourism boards, hotels, and tour companies who like your content may fly you to their destination for free so you can produce content there. Getting a free trip is one thing; getting a paycheck on top is another.

6. Branded Films

Making branded films is a great way to make money on YouTube

After working with a tourism board, hotel, or tour company on a video campaign, you can create a biproduct of a branded film for them. These films consist of professionally-edited b-roll with music playing over it. You can license or sell it.

7. Guest Speaker

Speaking at events and conferences is a great way to make money on YouTube

Being a guest speaker at events is a great way to get paid for your knowledge of the industry. Besides getting paid, you can also network with other people in the industry.

These are all the ways I have managed to make money on YouTube. If you have any other ways of making money, please let me know in the comment section!

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