Extremely Delicious Mexican Breakfast Street Food Tour of La Condesa | Mexico City, Mexico

In the spring of 2018, I spent five incredible days exploring the food, culture, and sites of Mexico City. This sprawling megacity in the heart of Mexico is home to over 22 million people and is a mecca of Mexican culture and cuisine. I couldn’t wait to explore as much as I could! Come along with me as I go on an extremely delicious Mexican street food tour of the La Condesa neighborhood in Mexico City!

The moment I got off the plane, I hit the ground running. I never like to waste even a second when I arrive in a new city. I’m always pumped to get a feel for it right away. I caught an Uber and rode for an hour to the famous La Condesa neighborhood.

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On the way, the driver stopped and waited for me while I ate some delicious tamales with morita con puerco. The puerco, or pork, inside was so tender and juicy, and I loved the spicy, sriracha-like sauce!

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My Airbnb wasn’t ready when I arrived, so I left my bags and continued on my Mexican breakfast street food tour of La Condesa in Mexico City. I crossed the street, where I found a small stall with four ladies making quesadillas, chorizo, tacos, and much more.

There, I ordered a taco de chile relleno, which was ridiculously tasty. I also got a mushroom quesadilla. I absolutely love mushrooms, and this quesadilla was seriously out of this world!

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Then, I stopped in a small restaurant and ordered one of my favorites, chilaquiles! This kind came with a spicy green sauce and a bean mash. It was out of control! 

While I ate, the people working there noticed that I was describing the food in English, so I explained to them that I’m a Spanish-speaking American travel/food vlogger from Miami who was born to Venezuelan parents. Speaking Spanish fluently (it’s my first language) was a huge help in Mexico City. It allowed everyone to open up to me and made it much easier to make connections with the locals.

After finishing off my delicious chilaquiles, I headed back to my Airbnb, which was finally ready. It was a small, one-bedroom apartment in La Condesa. It was the perfect place to keep my things and lay my head at night.

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If you are heading to Mexico City, I recommend you stay at this apartment. It’s in a safe area and the food is incredible. With food vendors and restaurants just a stone’s throw away, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are solved every day!

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I hope you enjoyed coming with me on my delicious Mexican breakfast street food tour of La Condesa in Mexico City! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures!

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