American Tries Indian Snacks for the First Time

American Tries Indian Snacks for the First Time! I teamed up with to try Indian treats because I love India! Coupon Code: DAVIDSBEENHERE. Three months ago I traveled throughout India for the first time, but in my 18 days there I never tried Indian snacks. My friends over at Try Treats saw how much I loved India so they decided to gift me these delicious Indian snacks.

In total I tried these 10 Indian Snacks:

1. Hide and Seek by Parle, the first chocolate chip cookies made in India!

2. Pan Pasand by Ravalgaon, hard candy with a very unique flavor!

3. Parle G Biscuits by Parle, small, rectangular flat-baked biscuits, and the #1 best selling biscuits in the world!

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4. Boubon Cream by Britannia, a sandwich-style biscuit consisting of two crunch, dark chocolate-flavored biscuits with a smooth and rich chocolate cream filling.

5. Eclaries by Cadbury, candies consisted of a smooth centre of creamy Cadbury milk chocolate encased in chewy, golden caramel!

*6. Lucky Stars by Lianhwa, this is a bonus item from Taiwan. Star-shaped potato chips flavored with onion and garlic powder.

7. 5050 by Britannia, biscuits that have the quality of being both sweet and salty at the same time!

8. Good Day Butter Cookie by Britannia, delicious, crunch butter cookies!

9. Mango Mood by Ravalgaon, mango-flavored cnadies made from real mango pulp!

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10. Khatta Meetha by Mo’Pleez, a crunchy sweet and sour snack consisted of a mixed bag of sago and rice flakes!

I hope you loved seeing an American Tries Indian Snacks! If you want to try some treats head over to and use coupon code DAVIDSBEENHERE. Also please don’t forget to get your Hindi Travel T-Shirt:…

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