Hindi Language Lesson

Hindi is the official language of India. India has 22 official languages and over 700 dialects.


During my trip to India I learned a few words but not enough to hold a conversation. I personally recommend to learn all of these Hindi words and phrases in order to get around speaking Hindi.

Here are all the Hindi phrases and Hindi words we go over in this video:

Hello – Namaste

How are you? – Aap Kais Ho?

Good night – Subh Ratri

I love you – Man Tumse Pyaar Karta Hoon

Left & Right – Dai & Bai

Yes – Ha No – Na Sorry – Maaf Karo

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I am very well – Man Theek Soon

Where are you from? – Aap Kaha Se HoHai?

Where is the bathroom – Bathroom Kaha Hai?

What time is it? – Samay Kya Ho Raha Hai?

See you later? – Fir Milte Hai

What’s your name? – Aap Ka Naam Pya Hai?

Nice to meet you – Aapase Milakar Achchha Laga

I am very hungry – Main Bhookha Soon

Food – Khana

Water – Paanee

You – Aap F

riend – Tum

Me – Mujhe

Kids – Bachche

Family – Parivaar

Mother & Father – Maa & Baap

Brother & Sister – Bhaee & Bahan

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Son & Daughter – Beta & Betee

Husband & Wife – Pati & Patnee

1 – 10 – Ek, Do, Teen, Chaa, Panj, Chhah, Saat, Aath, Nau, Das

Monday – Sunday – Somavaar, Mangalavaar, Budhavaar, Guroovaar, Shukravaar, Shanivaar, Ravivaar

I hope you loved this Hindi Language video. Do you speak Hindi? Leave me some Hindi phrases and Hindi words in the comments below and lets have some fun with it! If you like this video please give me a thumbs up, leave me a comment below and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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