High Speed Sushi with Multilingual Tablet at Uobei in Shibuya | Tokyo, Japan

After I arrived back in Tokyo from Osaka, I decided to explore the famous Shibuya area, try high speed sushi for the first time, and have some amazing sake! Come along with me as I check out one of the most popular areas in Japan‘s largest city!

I started my next Japanese adventure at Shibuya Crossing, the busiest intersection in the world! There, 2,500 pedestrians pass through every time the light changes. This area of Tokyo is known for its creatives, including the fashion industry. There are also lots of bars and izakayas in Shibuya.

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I linked up with my new friend Kaz, who took me to Uobei to have a delicious high speed sushi meal at Uobei, which offers at least 80 different types of sushi! At Uobei, each customer gets a tablet that can be set to multiple languages, so if you don’t speak Japanese, you can switch it to English.

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From there, you are shown pictures of the various types of sushi. Just tap one to order it and it will shoot down the track and arrive at your table within 30 seconds! It’s cheap, delicious, and efficient, so it’s no wonder the place was packed when we arrived!

We started our high speed sushi meal with some green tea, which Kaz made from a couple of scoops of powder and water.

Our first sushi of the day was two different varieties of tuna and salmon. We added soy sauce all over them. It was a really nice combination with the tuna. Next was the white tuna with onions and rice, which was outstanding. The salmon with onions was also incredibly tasty and fresh!

After I finished my first plate, I squeezed a lot of soy sauce onto it to make it my soy sauce plate, added some wasabi, mixed it in really well, and then continued with more sushi!

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Next I went with the standard tuna and rice, which was amazing, and added some ginger to my plate before ordering some smelt roe and salmon roe. But first I went with some flounder, which I’d never had before. It was light, fresh, dense, and had a completely different texture from the tuna and salmon. I could see why it was Kaz’s favorite!

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The smelt roe, which is lots of tiny fish eggs, was amazing, and the salmon roe with cucumber was also fantastic. The salmon eggs are a little bigger, so they pop in your mouth and gush out. It was so good! I loved it with the wasabi, which adds a little bit of heat to all of the rice, and the ginger, which I added on top.

Next, I went with the grilled salmon, which was a little creamier than the regular salmon. After that, I ordered flounder fin, tuna with mayonnaise and black pepper, salmon with mayonnaise and black pepper, pickled sardine, and minced tuna.

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The flounder fin was really tender, almost like octopus, and the salmon with mayonnaise and black pepper was a great combination. I liked the tuna with mayonnaise and black pepper better, though! The pickled sardine is a little more exotic and I didn’t see a lot of people around me ordering it, but it was really nice! A little fishy, but good. The minced tuna had a lot of onions on it and was so soft. It was almost like a tuna mash and was my favorite!

By that point, I had already eaten 20 pieces of sushi, but I was ready for more! I can eat sushi all day!

Next, I ordered some sea urchin, which I’d had before and absolutely love, even though I was getting full. This one was spicy and fishy. It turns out I didn’t love it after all!

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After that last piece, I was stuffed, so we confirmed our check. Our total came to only 1,209 Yen/$10.94! Unlike a lot of places in Japan, Uobei accepts credit cards.

What an extraordinary high speed sushi experience! This is an experience you must have when you come to Tokyo. The sushi is super high quality and you can eat a lot for very cheap prices.

We weren’t done yet! Next, it was time for some sake!

We headed out to a restaurant and grabbed some sake, which was nice and cold and exactly what I needed to wake up!

I hope you enjoyed my first high-speed sushi adventure! If you did, please give it a thumbs up, leave me a comment below, and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on any of my upcoming travel/food content!

Where have you been?

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