Celebrity Travel Addicts: Francesca Murray of One Girl: One World

In this edition of Celebrity Travel Addicts, we have a conversation with Francesca Murray of One Girl: One World, a California native with a serious passion for travel! We chat with her about what first inspired her to explore the world, how her experiences working in PR have helped her in her travels, her favorite airports and restaurants around the globe, and much more. Check out her favorite destinations and her advice for people who want to travel!

How did your passion for travel get started?

My passion for travel started when I visited my grandmother’s village in Honduras at age 18. It’s a small coastal town and it was an amazing place to be immersed in culture and language, and feel to connected to my roots. The experience set my wanderlust ablaze, and when I returned I spent almost every moment either dreaming of my next trip, or traveling vicariously through others.

How many days/weeks are you traveling in any given year? What are the types of places you like to visit?

Wow, great question! I spend at least half the year abroad, and for the past three years I have called the Caribbean my second home. I love warm, tropical destinations and feel especially at home in the Caribbean and Central America. I also really love Western Europe, and spent a year teaching English in France once I graduated college!

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What do you want audiences to gain and learn from your work?

My mission is to inspire women to explore the world fearlessly and engage with the local culture as they travel. My blog also goes beyond inspiration and wanderlust – I provide plenty of guides, how-to’s, and recommendations to help people along on their journeys.

What are the top three destinations you’ve visited?

This is tough one! In no particular order, I would say France, Italy, and Anguilla. They are all magical in their own way!

You grew up in Los Angeles. What makes L.A. a fun and exciting place to visit and what tips would you give someone who wants to visit the city?

LA is a fun and exciting place if you’re a fan of music and movies! It’s not unusual to run into a celebrity while making a coffee run or shopping at the grocery store. Especially in the West Hollywood, Silverlake and Larchmont areas. My tip for someone who wants an almost guaranteed celebrity sighting while on vacation would be to take the TMZ Tour. It may sound corny but it’s actually a lot of fun! And sometimes you can run into stars like Mariah Carey or Lisa Vanderpump.

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How many countries have you visited so far?

25 countries and counting!

In addition to visiting so many countries, you’ve also lived in Spain and worked in France. What are a couple of your favorite experiences in both of those countries?

In Spain I was based in Barcelona, and it was an amazing life experience. The food is just incredible, and the mix of Spanish and Castilian culture is fascinating. In France I taught English to the most adorable and eager children. It was a lot of fun being a representative of the United States. And they taught me so much in return, like the French national anthem! lol

What are your top 3 favorite cuisines?

Bajan (from Barbados,) Italian and French!

What is your favorite restaurant in the world? What dish do you recommend there?

There is a restaurant in Los Angeles called Umami Burger, and I love it! If you go, you have to try the Truffle Burger!


What is your favorite travel movie?

Under the Tuscan Sun, hands down! I can’t count how many times I’ve seen it!

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Speaking of movies and Hollywood, you have had the opportunity to rub elbows with entertainment royalty at film premieres and awards shows. You were also an intern at a prominent entertainment PR firm. What, if anything, have you learned from your Hollywood experiences that you have since applied to your career in travel?

It actually taught me how to interact with different people from all walks of life. Being around celebrities so frequently made me realize that they are human just like you and I, and once I realized that it was humbling. I’ve met some fascinating people traveling that were far more interesting than some of the most famous people in the world.

What is your favorite international airport?

I love landing at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris. Not that it’s a particularly superior airport, but the feeling of excitement and nostalgia I have when I arrive gets me every time.

Which city had the friendliest people?

Friendliness is in the eye of the beholder. I can’t really choose a city with the friendliest people because I don’t travel with really high expectations of people.

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What is the most exotic place your career has taken you?

Probably Montserrat! It’s a tiny Caribbean island that has an active volcano. It’s a beautiful island that I think everyone should visit at least once!

What is your best bit of travel advice for someone who wants to, or is about to, embark on a life of travel?

Make sure you have everything important in order before you hit the road! Always have a plan B, but go with an open mind and a full heart! And last but not least, don’t miss your flight!

What are 4 things you could never travel without?

I could never travel without my phone, camera, journal and passport!

What is your ultimate dream destination?

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines!


Francesca Murray is a content creator, host and journalist who is deeply passionate about inspiring millennial women to travel. She believes that lifestyle and travel intersect, and you can often find her sparking discussion around natural hair, beauty, and learning self love through travel on her social media platforms. Connect with her on her One Girl: One World website, YouTube, and Instagram to learn more about her and her travels!


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