Celebrity Travel Addicts: Eboni Dixon of Eboni + Ivory

In this edition of Celebrity Travel Addicts, we chat with Eboni Dixon, the world traveler behind the travel, fashion, and lifestyle blog Eboni + Ivory. We speak with Eboni about why travel is important to her, her favorite destinations around the globe, what she hopes people gain from her work, and much more. Check out her best travel advice and find out where she’s off to next!

How did your passion for travel get started?

I’ve been travelling since I was quite young! I moved to America with my mum when I was very young for a couple of years and then school trips to France and Spain also got me interested in travelling! However, I also have to admit that Mary-Kate and Ashley films probably had a HUGE effect on me as a child. They travelled to new countries in each of their films and I loved watching their adventures!

What does travel mean to you? Why do you feel it’s important?

Travel means a break from the mundane, a chance to explore, a chance to learn and a chance to make new friends. It is so important to understand the world is a lot bigger than the city or town you live in and can help shape your experience of life!

You run a fashion, travel, and lifestyle blog called Eboni + Ivory. Can you please tell us a bit about it? How did it come about? What makes it unique?

I started in 2016 as a way of keeping creative in between acting jobs. I was inspired by other bloggers and YouTubers and thought it might be a great way to express myself.

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You’re originally from London. What makes London such a great travel destination? What do you suggest people see and do there when they visit?

London is a great city for many reasons and one thing I know about Londoners is that they haven’t seen the whole of London! I try to avoid the typical tourist destinations and refer people to lesser-known, but just as cool areas! I would say Greenwich is a must-do place for visitors! I would also highly recommend seeing a play or musical whilst you are here. It is one of the most artistic cities in the world! London is also great for finding things to do for free (such as museums, galleries, landmarks and markets) so great for people on a budget.

In addition to travel and lifestyle, you’re also passionate about singing and acting. Have your skills as an actor and singer ever come in handy in your travels? If so, how?

I once remember singing karaoke in a bar in Amsterdam and the bar manager paid me in free drinks! The bar was empty when I started but full by the time we left!

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I also managed to get 3 jobs in 3 countries in 2015 as a drama teacher for children. My skills took me to Ukraine, Italy and California – which was awesome!

How many days/weeks do you travel in any given year? What types of places do you like to visit?

I like to travel for at least 1 month in total during the year. That includes places abroad and mini trips in the UK. I like to visit busy cities as well as quiet, rural places. I have never been on a proper beach holiday! That is on my to-do list for 2020!

What do you want audiences to gain and learn from your work?

I want people to know that travel is accessible. You can travel on lots of different budgets. Travel does not have to be expensive! I also love to show great photography locations from places I visit – it’s fun to capture content for Instagram that inspires others to visit a destination!

What are the top three destinations you’ve visited?

Florence, Italy
California, USA
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Give us your ‘Top 5’ list for one of your top 3 destinations. Like a mini-guide or a to- do list of sorts. It can be anything from your favorite hotel, the best place to have lunch, the best sightseeing, etc.

California – Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, San Francisco, Air B’nB (live like a local), Paul Smith Pink Wall, Sprinkles Cupcake ATM, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills Hotel, Universal Studios Theme Park, Bath and Body Works shop, Trader Joes… so much!

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Florence – Piazza Michelangelo, Point Vecchio, Venchi Gelateria, Japanese/Rose Garden, Central Market, Cathedral of Santa Maria del Flore.

Amsterdam – Hutspot Photo Booth, Pluk Cafe, Van Stapele Koekmakerij, Moak Pancakes, Wake Me Up When I’m Famous wall, Rudi’s Stroopwafel.

How many countries have you visited so far?


What are your top 3 favorite cuisines?

Japanese, Caribbean, Italian

What is your favorite restaurant in the world? What dish do you recommend there?

This answer changes frequently, depending on my mood! I recently had a trip to Paris and dined at Pink Mamma, I loved it there! I would recommend a stone baked pizza.

What is your favorite travel movie?

I love The Holiday and anything Mary-Kate and Ashley!

What is your favorite international airport?

LAX – I love imagining all the celebrities that have walked through there!

Which city had the friendliest people?


Who is your favorite travel companion?

My friend Grace is a great travel pal!

What is the best way to kill time while traveling?

Watching YouTube videos!

What is the most exotic place your career has taken you?

I went on a press trip to Prague last year! That was fab.

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What is your best bit of travel advice for someone who wants to, or is about to, embark on a life of travel?

Plan ahead, be street-smart, speak to locals, step out of your comfort zone and be thrifty when packing!

What are 4 things you could never travel without?

My iPhone, DSLR Camera, lip balm and hair products.

What is your ultimate dream destination?

This is tough! Could I mention more than one? I would love to visit the Caribbean, Japan/Asia as a whole and a beautiful resort on stilts – in Bora Bora or the Maldives!

What is your favorite travel quote?

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

― Gustave Flaubert

Where are you headed next?

I am heading to Cologne in January.


Eboni Dixon is a London-based, 20-something blogger. She trained as an actor and singer, so juggles her blog and YouTube channel between auditions and performances. Founded in February 2016, EBONI + IVORY is an Award- Winning Lifestyle Blog with emphasis on Travel, Fashion, Beauty and Days Out.

Learn more about Eboni Dixon by checking out her website. Also, be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!


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