Celebrity Travel Addicts: Coralia and Gergely Varga of You Could Travel

In this edition of Celebrity Travel Addicts, we speak with Coralia and Gergely, the traveling husband-and-wife team behind the travel blog You Could Travel. We chat with Coralia and Gergely, also known as Cory and G., about how their passion for travel first began, how they applied skills they already had to build their blog, what they hope audiences take away from their work, and much more. Check out their favorite destinations around the globe and find out where they’re headed next!

How did your passion for travel get started?

Our passion for travel started with our first ever trip as a couple, to Rome. Back then, we were living in the UK so sunny days were quite luxurious (haha). Seeing Rome was perfect. It had the history, the culture, the food… it was pretty much the perfect holiday. Not to mention we had curious minds and we wanted to see everything in the time we had there. We discovered unique points of interest, off the beaten path, walked until our feet were literally sore at the end of the day. And so, the passion for travel started. As travellers, we connected at a different level with each other. It was what made our relationship click perfectly.

What does travel mean to you? Why do you feel it’s important?

We have curious minds and a strong appetite for knowledge. The more we travel, the more we understand how the world works. The more we cross borders, the less we feel there was any need for them in the first place. While cultures are incredible, humans are all the same everywhere we go. This makes us feel safe in the sense that everyone has a story which they want to tell. We want to act as their mediums. Travelling means listening to stories and share them further.

You two run a travel blog called You Could Travel. Can you please tell us a bit about it? How did it come about? What makes it unique?

Our passion for travel blogging started as a coincidence and a bit out of necessity. It all started with our first trip to Japan. While we were mesmerised by the unique Japanese culture, there was little information online on other people’s experiences and we found it difficult to figure out where to go and what to do. Do you bow? How do you eat sushi the right way? We had to venture out on our own and try our very best to fit in. It was an incredible exercise and a brilliant learning experience. This made us want to share our experiences with the world and get other foreigners prepared for what Japan has to offer. And so, You Could Travel became the storytelling medium we have today.

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Cory, before you started You Could Travel, you worked at a software company in marketing, customer service, and business consultancy. Gergely, you’re a software engineer and technical director. How have those skills helped you build You Could Travel? 

We cannot express how much our previous experiences helped shape up our future in the digital travel industry. G had the knowledge to create our website and make it fast and modern. I brought in the knowledge on how to approach marketing and how to conduct B2B right from the start. These gave us an advantage and helped us transform a hobby into a business. However, we think everyone’s background can be put to good use. Are you a teacher? Use your voice to capture people’s imagination. Are you a driving instructor? Use your methodical mind to teach people about experiences abroad. Every single skill can be applied to blogging and it can blossom if there is enough passion in it.

Cory, you’re originally from Romania and Gergely, you’re from Hungary. You both call the UK home now. What makes the UK such a great travel destination? What do you suggest people see and do there when they visit?

This is an interesting question. The UK was our home for more than a decade, but we decided to move abroad a couple of years back. The UK is a brilliant destination to visit. It has the culture, unique landscapes and it’s a great country for long road trips. We suggest spending a couple of days in London before heading out into the countryside. That’s where you’ll find the real British soul. Have an afternoon tea in Bath, go to a party in Bristol, take a hike in Wales before discovering the indie scene of the North. Basically, do a long road trip around the country. Hear its many accents, eat its many foods and listen to people’s stories in all the pubs across the country.

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How many days/weeks do you travel in any given year? What types of places do you like to visit?

Such a difficult question, this one! Last year we visited 24 countries and spent a total of 200 days on the road. So that’s a lot. This year we are trying to slow down a little and have maybe just 1 week out of 4 per month spent travelling. Right now, we want to focus on driving around Europe.

What do you want audiences to gain and learn from your work?

We really want to make people curious about the world around them. We appreciate that work, stress, and life in general can get in the way. We want to remind people that there is more to life than just the office. We want them to look forward to discovering a new place, whether it is on the other side of the globe or just in their backyard. We just want people to read our stories and seek their own version of a travel destination in order for them to find happiness.

What are the top three destinations you’ve visited?

Japan, Japan and Japan. Haha, just kidding! (a little). The favourite 3 are Japan, Seychelles and Norway. Basically food and culture, best beaches in the world and the most incredible rugged mountains with the Northern Lights. 

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Give us your ‘Top 5’ list for one of your top 3 destinations. Like a mini-guide or a to-do list of sorts. It can be anything from your favorite hotel, the best place to have lunch, the best sightseeing, etc.

Right here it goes.
For Japan:


  • Eat ramen in an obscure little restaurant 
  • Get out of the cities and immerse yourself in the landscape
  • Board the Shinkansen and be amazed
  • Eat your way around Kyoto
  • Go electric in Tokyo and visit Shinjuku at night


For Seychelles:


  • Visit Mahe and chill by the beach
  • Bike your way around La Digue 
  • Swim in the pristine waters of Praline
  • Visit Vallee de Mai on Praslin (UNESCO)
  • Hike the mountains of Mahe and enjoy the lush vegetation


For Norway:


  • Go to Tromso from October onwards
  • See the Aurora Borealis
  • Rent a car and explore the most remote parts
  • Hike on a glacier (with professional help!)
  • Admire the many fjords in the country


How many countries have you visited so far?

In total, about 40. But we tend to revisit some of the countries we have already been to. We like to really know even their most obscure parts and discover as many secrets as possible so we can paint a real picture for our readers.

What are your top 3 favorite cuisines?

Japanese, Italian and Arabic.

What is your favorite restaurant in the world? What dish do you recommend there?

We don’t currently have just one. It would be literally impossible to pick. We enjoyed Labyrinth in Singapore, the food there was just very very good and loved Onyx in Budapest because of their meticulous attention to detail. Both are Michelin star restaurants with something traditional to offer.

What is your favorite travel movie?

Interstate 60. The absolute best unknown movie ever!

What is your favorite international airport?

Doha in Qatar. It’s hands down the best airport in the world. Sometimes we pick the longer layover just to spend time at the airport. Haha!

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Which city had the friendliest people?

Not sure about a single city, but as a country, Croatia as a whole was very welcoming.

Besides each other, who is your favorite travel companion?

Our car haha! We only travel just the two of us when flying somewhere. On road trips, we love it if our friends who are like-minded couples also join us.

What is the best way to kill time while traveling?

Talk and ask questions. We create debates and find new topics to talk about all the time. Starting from food, through galactic exploration to new business ideas. If you have a curious mind, time will fly even during the longest trips.

What is the most exotic place your career has taken you?

Seychelles! Oh those gorgeous islands…

What is your best bit of travel advice for someone who wants to, or is about to, embark on a life of travel?

Stay curious and question everything. Your mind is like any other muscle. Exercise it with new ideas and your horizons will widen and all of a sudden, the world will be your oyster.

What are 4 things you could never travel without?

I guess….passport, the plane ticket to that destination, money…haha ok, seriously!  We couldn’t travel without a good pair of shoes, our camera, noise-cancelling headphones and phones.

What is your ultimate dream destination?

Antarctica! Remote, cold, challenging. YES!

What is your favorite travel quote?

“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” – Aldous Huxley

Where are you headed next?

Italy…for the millionth time 🙂


You Could Travel is our travel website and love story. We created this travel blog in April 2016 as a way to inspire you to always look forward to the unknown, follow your deepest dreams and fall in love with the world. We believe travelling is about connection: is about you feeling something special and sharing it with your loved ones. Follow our adventures on social media: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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