VIDEO: Spicy Indian Food Tour in Kerala – Chicken Wings & Seafood | Trivandrum, India

My wild first day in Kerala continued in the capital city, Trivandrum! After a whirlwind of awesome activities, my boy Vishnu took me on a spicy Indian food tour in Kerala where we ate some fire chicken wings and seafood in Trivandrum, India! Come along with us as I continue to explore the flaming hot flavors of God’s Own Country! 

My afternoon started off at Kovalam Beach, the most famous beach in Kerala! Vishnu and I had a jam-packed afternoon and evening ahead of us, and we kicked it all off with some tender coconut right on the beach. The coconut water inside was really sweet and refreshing! “Kerala” means “Land of Coconuts,” so it’s no surprise they’re really good!

A lot of foreigners come to Kovalam Beach, but I saw mostly locals there. They were playing in the water, flying kites, and various vendors. We walked down the beach toward the lighthouse. You can take speedboat rides there for 800 rupees per person, or about $10.67 USD for a 10-minute ride or 1600 rupees/$21.34 USD for a 20-minute ride.

We continued on across a beautiful rock formation toward the lighthouse. There’s a fenced-off section near the shore that’s more dangerous because of the tides. But from the other side of the fence, you can get amazing views of the ocean and two different beaches. One was definitely more touristy, while the other mostly only had local visitors.

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The waves were getting really choppy, and sunset was approaching. I wished we had another 40 minutes so we could hike to the other lighthouse before sundown, but we didn’t have the time. Instead, we went up to Jeevan Ayurvedic Beach Resort’s seaside restaurant and enjoyed a Kingfisher Deluxe Strong beer and watched the sunset. It’s the best and strongest beer in India!

Then, we saw some freshly caught fish kept on ice. You can buy one and they’ll grill it at a restaurant for you. There were so many types of fish and seafood there! Then, we rode back to Trivandrum to continue our spicy Indian food tour in Trivandrum, Kerala, India at an 18th-century palace!

We arrived at Villa Maya, a European-style palace with amazing architecture. It’s considered the 3rd-best restaurant in all of India, so I couldn’t wait to try the food. We ate in one of the private, outside dining areas. It was like a jungle out there! They also have a lounge area and terrace, an indoor dining area, and a traditional-style dining area, and more!

We started with an amazing appetizer of lemon-gooseberry juice and papdi chaat. The papdi chaat was so good with the tamarind chutney and sev. They were small and bite-sized, so I felt like I could drink a hundred of them. And the lemon-gooseberry juice was like a nice, light lime juice.

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Next, we had a soup of coconut milk, ginger, cilantro, spring onions, green chilies, and tender coconut, served inside a coconut! The coconut meat wasn’t ripe, so it was a little hard, but it was really delicious. It also had a hint of spice. You have to eat this dish when you visit Kerala! 

Then, we had a seafood appetizer platter that contained squid, prawns, and kingfish. It all looked super spicy. I started with some spicy and peppery squid, followed by king fish and some buttery prawns.

If you’re happy with the food and service at the restaurant, the waiters bring you a bell to ring. I rang it and then had a mouth freshener that was a lot like paan. It hit me hard and gave me a big burst of energy!

Then, we visited the open-air bathroom, which was really nice and fancy. It even had a pond and koi fish in it! It’s one of the most unique bathrooms I’ve ever visited. And overall, my meal at Villa Maya was the best spicy seafood dinner of my life! It was even better than the seafood I ate in Chennai!

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Then, we hopped back on Vishnu’s bike and continued our spicy Indian food tour in Kerala at Kethal’s Chicken. They have multiple locations, but the most authentic one is located in Chalai Bazaar, but it’s super busy, so you may have to wait!

After about 20 minutes of waiting, we took our seats. Here, you eat on a banana leaf and get 8 pieces of chicken fry and 5 chapatis. The baby chicken was absolutely delicious and super spicy! I loved it with in the gravy, which gave it another layer of flavor. The gravy helped tone down the spice!

What an amazing spicy Indian food tour in Trivandrum, Kerala, India! I had only been there a day and Kerala was already blowing my mind. I have to give a huge thanks to my boy Vishnu for such a fantastic day. Follow him on Instagram!

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