Kosovo Food Mecca in Gjilan!! Resort Planet Tour | Gjilan, Kosovo

During my time in Gjilan toward the end of my Albania-Kosovo road trip, I had the opportunity to stay at one of the city’s top resorts, Resort Planet! Join me as I check out this Kosovo food Mecca and go on a Resort Planet tour in Gjilan, Kosovo!

My experience began at Resort Planet in Gjilan, a city in eastern Kosovo. It’s one of the biggest resorts in the area, with more than 70 rooms in the main building, plus over 50 residences for sale, and two banquet areas! My boy Erjan from Travel Media EU and I met Donat from Resort Planet, who took us on a tour of the grounds. First, we headed to the main onsite restaurant. 

The resort is beautiful. There’s an outdoor terrace, a manmade stream, and more. With the mountains in the background, it reminded me of Switzerland! From there, we headed to the 50 residences, 90% of which have already been sold. Most of them are owned by Kosovar people who live elsewhere but want a summer home in the country. They cost 99,000 Euros for 175 square meters: 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

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Then, we headed into the resort’s kitchen, where the cooks were preparing what looked like hundreds of meals, from meat to vegetables to pasta! It was so busy there. I could see chicken, lamb, schnitzel, mushrooms, peppers, cucumbers, fish, and more. It was a true food mecca inside Resort Planet in Gjilan, Kosovo!

Next, we headed to the bread section, where we saw the raw dough on trays. There was also a woman making flija, a layered pastry that’s made of lots of crepes, cream, and cheese. It’s one of my favorite Albanian dishes, and I couldn’t wait to have some!

I tried a dish that’s basically a cornbread muffin, which was so tasty! Out in the dining area, there were musicians playing traditional music. The restaurant is known for itThe restaurant was also packed. You should have reservations if you want to eat here, as it’s really hard to get a seat otherwise!

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Then, I checked out the restaurant bathrooms, which is a unique mix of rustic and modern. It’s beautiful and elegant with marble sinks, with wooden stalls that had a ranch-like feel. The women’s bathroom is almost the same, except there’s a lounge area with couches!

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In the dining area, we were joined by Laurant, also from Resort Planet. Our first dish was a pizza-like dish that was made of corn flour and covered in cheese and peppers. The cheese was really crumbly and tasty! It’s like a delicious white pizza. We also had some delicious Stone Castle wine as we ate. One of the unique features of the restaurant is that it was built using wood from old houses. A lot of it dates back over 200 years!

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We had some bread and cheese, as well as some yogurt, before a huge meat feast arrived! We had T-bone, lamb ribs, veal ribs, vegetables, potatoes. The veal rib fell of the bone with just one bite. All of the meat was like butter. It was so tender and well-cooked! I especially loved the fattiness of the veal.

The mushroom sauce was earthy, with a bit of tomato, and paired so well with the meat. Meanwhile, the T-bone was also delicious. I’d never had this much meat in one meal in my life! I loved that the meat in Kosovo wasn’t overdressed with sauces. It’s always allowed to shine on its own, and any sauces are always simple.

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They even brought us a dessert plate welcoming me to the resort! We had a sort of brownie with a marmalade-like cherry exterior, a cheesecake, and more. It was all so good, but I was stuffed!Then, I headed up to my room! I had a queen-sized bed, a twin bed, a couch, a TV, an awesome bathroom with a neon mirror, and more. What an awesome place to stay!

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Visiting the Kosovo food Mecca of Resort Planet in Gjilan was one of the highlights of my trip through Kosovo. I have to thank my friends at Travel Media EU and Rental Car Albania for making this such an unforgettable experience!  

I hope you liked visiting Resort Planet in Gjilan, Kosovo with me! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

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