The Best Lebanese Street Food in Beirut, Lebanon 🇱🇧

As my time in Lebanon continued, I set out on a fantastic food tour of its capital. Join me as I go on an unforgettable Lebanese street food tour in this beautiful coastal Lebanon city!

My guide Nicolas and I started off at Restaurant Joseph, which is known for having the best chicken shawarma in Lebanon and the world! They won the award for best sandwich in the world in 2015!

Restaurant Joseph – The King of Shawarma in Beirut

Shawarma, a popular Lebanese street food you'll find in Beirut.

Shawarma is the ultimate Lebanese street food! Inside, I watched them build a plate of chicken shawarma, lettuce, pickles, and fries. There, I met Joseph and saw their chicken, meat, and shrimp skewers, as well as their buffet and sandwich toppings.

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The chicken shawarma sandwich contained lots of juicy chicken and amazing garlic sauce. The bread had a nice crunch, as did the pickles inside. It was like a chicken salad with herbs inside bread!

The beef shawarma sandwich contained parsley and tarator sauce. It was so tasty! They’re both amazing and less than $3 each. The tomatoes inside also blew my mind!

Falafel Freiha – A Lebanese Street Food Hotspot

Falafel, a popular Lebanese street food in Beirut

From there, we hopped in the car and drove through the rain to Falafel Freiha, the #1 falafel shop in Lebanon on Trip Advisor. They’re famous for their falafels, a popular Lebanese street food.

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Falafels are chickpea & fava bean fritters mixed with bulgur. They’re usually eaten in a pita with lettuce, tomatoes, and sauce.

This falafel sandwich contained tarator sauce, parsley, tomatoes, and white radish. I loved the falafels The sandwich was crispy and the radish gave it a nice crunch. The parsley and tomatoes were super refreshing!

The owner didn’t charge me at all, but they usually cost 30,000 Lebanese pounds each.

Lebanese Street Food at Kaakeh Square

Kaakeh, a popular Lebanese bread

To finish our Lebanese street food tour of Beirut, we drove to Kaakeh Square, where they make kaakeh, which is a type of bread with sesame seeds. They have many varieties, including plain, rye, and oat.

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They stuffed the kaakeh with white French cheese with za’atar. The cheese inside was very melty and gooey. I loved the za’atar inside! What a way to end my Lebanese street food tour in Beirut!

Where have you been?

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