Luxurious Lebanese Haircut in Beirut, Lebanon 🇱🇧

On my final day in Lebanon, I ended my trip with a super luxurious Lebanese haircut experience in Beirut! Come with me on my first Lebanese haircut experience!

We went to Phil & Joe Barbers in the middle of a local mall. I was going to have them shave my head and beard, and get a facial and a massage.

Phil & Joe Barbers

Beginning my luxurious haircut experience in Beirut with a head shave

Inside, I met Maggie, who told me that they offer haircuts, shaves, facials, and massages.

They also sell barber products like beard oil, brushes, and shaving cream, as well as accessories, shawls, glasses, and even coffee! They even have leather sunglasses that cost $680 USD!

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I hadn’t had a shave in 3 days, so I was ready! There are TVs at each station, so you can watch cartoons during your Lebanese haircut. They had on Tom & Jerry!

Lebanese Haircut Experience

A luxurious Lebanese haircut experience, complete with a beard shave

My barber Omar started by applying warm Italian shaving cream to my head. The blade felt so good. Omar has been shaving for 17 years, so he’s an experienced pro. There’s no better feeling than having a nice, clean shaved head!

While I was getting my shave, Nico was getting a haircut next to me.

Then, Omar applied shaving cream to my beard and gave me a clean shave. It was so relaxing, I could have fallen asleep. I looked like a different person!

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Then, it was time for the facial and head massage. He put hot towels on my face, which felt really good. Luckily, I didn’t have many pimples under my beard, so I didn’t have many cuts.

Then, he added wax to my nostrils to get my nose hair! Then, he added more aftershave. Next to me, Nico was super relaxed! He massaged my head, forehead, and temples. It was a fantastic way to end my Lebanese haircut experience!

I watched Nico’s barber get the facial and have aftershave put on. We both looked good! I paid both barbers and that was it for Lebanon! What an amazing trip!

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