Oman Street Food at Night in Muscat, Oman 🇴🇲

Of course, a trip to Oman wouldn’t be complete without exploring this beautiful country’s street food scene! Come with me as I enjoy traditional Oman street food in Muscat, Oman!

My friends from Oman Travels and I would be having mishkak, which is basically Omani skewered meat. My friend and guide Ameer from Oman Travel took me to a local street food hangout where lots of vendors sell food at night.

Mishkak – The #1 street food in Oman

A vendor grills different types of mishkak, a popular Oman street food, in Muscat, Oman.

The first vendor had beef, shrimp, and squid mishkak. Mishakeek is the plural form of the word. The beef skewers alternated meat and fat. The squid was so yellow, it looked like pineapple.

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The mishkak is very inexpensive, too, at only $0.50 each. The vendor dipped the beef in a chili tamarind sauce. I loved its tenderness and the spicy sweetness of the sauce!

Next, I tried the squid with the chili tamarind sauce. It was just right and wasn’t rubbery like squid sometimes is.

Street Burger

The famous Cheetos Burger at Street Burger in Muscat, Oman

Then, we headed to Street Burger to watch the vendor inside the truck prepare the burger and dynamite fries. Their Cheetos burgers have cheese, red sauce, jalapenos, lettuce, and mayo on them. Meanwhile, the dynamite fries contain minced beef, sauce, and jalapenos.

We got the Cheetos burger’s bun was fluffy, while the meat was tender and flavorful. It reminded me of a juicy American burger and only cost $5-6 USD. I wasn’t expecting Oman street food to involve burgers, so it was a nice surprise!

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Then, the mishkak vendor gave me a shrimp mishkak. I loved that they drenched it in the spicy tamarind sauce. It was so good! It was nice and crunchy because of the shell. The shrimp were succulent and meaty!

More Mishkak and Corn

Mishkak, a popular Oman street food

The next Oman street food vendor also sold dynamite mishkak along with grilled corn on the cob. It’s basically dynamite fries with mishkak, along with chips, tamarind sauce, and cheese in it!

I loved the tamarind and the soft, fluffy fries. The combination of it all was like a tasty fry dish with gravy. They were so creamy and the tamarind added a sweet tanginess.

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Then, we saw the vendor add some lemon juice and chili powder on the grilled corn. I enjoyed the spiciness and the sweetness of the tamarind. It’s the spiciest corn I’ve ever had!

Across the road, we got more mishkak at a different vendor. They cook on top of the hood of a car! They had so many beef mishakeek grilling there.

It was nice and charred, chunky, and juicy. The tamarind marinade was incredible. It was my favorite of the night!

The vendor was also cooking ears of corn on the grill as well. But his mishkak was amazing. It cost us $5 for 6 skewers.

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Cholo Burger – Oman Street Food in Oman

A more traditional Cholo Burger in Muscat, Oman

Our final stop on our Oman street food tour was Cholo Burger, which is more traditional. They added lettuce, onion, mayo, and cheese. It was tasty and different from the other burger. The bun was very soft and fluffy! But now I was full! It only cost us $2.50 USD!

Where have you been?

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