Kashan, Iran: Ultimate Travel Guide

Welcome to Kashan, Iran. This picturesque city in the heart of Iran is famous for its rich history, stunning culture, and vibrant rose-infused foods and drinks. Located in the Isfahan province, Kashan offers a unique blend of traditional and modern elements. It’s a heartwarming city, filled with kind and friendly people and a beautiful spirit.

The city is renowned for its exquisite Persian gardens and remarkable historical sites, including Fin Bathhouse and the Tabatabaei House. showcasing the city’s architectural brilliance. With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, Kashan provides visitors with an authentic Iranian experience, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking to delve into the country’s cultural heritage.

One of the many roses of Kashan, Iran | Davidsbeenhere

As my buddy Mr. Taster and our friends from Kootook Travel showed me around, I was captivated by the intoxicating scent of roses. Known for its rose water production, Kashan celebrates this fragrant flower every year with the Rose Water Festival, a vibrant event that showcases local traditions and customs.

Koofteh (Persian meatballs) at Talar Ayeneh Restaurant in Mirrors Hall | Davidsbeenhere

Whether you’re a foodie, a history buff, or simply seeking a serene retreat, Kashan has something to offer everyone. So pack your bags, and let’s explore the fascinating wonders of Kashan, Iran.

Dine on Kashani Food in the Mirrors Hall

To get a taste of true Kashani cuisine, Mr. Taster took me to Mirrors Hall, located in an 18th-century mud hotel in Kashan, Iran. It gets its name from its mirrored ceiling and hosts ceremonies and special rituals. Inside, Talar Ayeneh Restaurant is absolutely gorgeous and offers many Kashani favorites.

The incredible spread at Mirrors Hall in Kashan, Iran | Davidsbeenhere

I loved our refreshments, which included cucumber water and a drink made from chia seeds called tokhm-e sharbati. But our starter, a garlic yogurt called mast-o musir, was a major highlight!

Mast-o musir is a popular yogurt dish with rose and mint | Davidsbeenhere

The mast-o musir contains rose and mint, which balance the tanginess with a floral and herbal flavor. You eat it with crispy flatbread, which Mr. Taster hand fed to me!

Mr. Taster feeding me must-o musir and flabread in Kashan, Iran | Davidsbeenhere

But the stars of the show were the entrees, which included a crispy rice dish called tahdig, ghormeh sabzi (beans with lamb), and Persian meatballs called koofteh. They were amazing on their own, but mixing them together with the tahdig blew me away!

Crispy tahdig, a traditional Persian rice dish | Davidsbeenhere

The mix of fluffy rice, crispy rice, dense meatballs, tender lamb, and kidney beans was downright heavenly. If you want, you can also add a yogurt dish containing cucumber, mint, raisins, and rose petals. It adds a light, refreshing quality that balances out the heavy meats!

Shop for Antiques at Ganjineh Antique Shop

When exploring any new city, one of my favorite things to do is visiting and supporting local businesses. A great way to support local business owners and walk away with a fun keepsake is by visiting shops like Ganjineh Antique Shop in Kashan, Iran.

Vintage telephones at a local antique shop | Davidsbeenhere

Located not far from Mirrors Hall, it’s a haven for those who love old-time knick-knacks. There, you can find antique bowls, old pottery, and even vintage telephones and televisions. Their ceramics are equally beautiful and delicate, so take care. They make a great gift for anyone who collects vintage antiques!

Visit a Rose Water Factory in Kashan, Iran

If you’ve never tried rose water in your life, you’re missing out. A staple throughout the Middle East, this refreshing and floral drink is made by steam-distilling rose petals. I highly recommend seeing the entire process at a local rose water factory!

There, you can see how they heat the rose petals with water. You can also see where the resulting vapor travels and ultimately creates the rose water. The entire process takes about eight hours. After you’ve seen how it’s made, I suggest trying it—it’s bright, floral, and very refreshing, especially in the heat!

A local man serves glasses of chilled rose water | Davidsbeenhere

I visited two rose water factories in Kashan, Iran. At the first, my friends buried me in a mountain of fragrant rose petals! I also got to add fresh rose petals to the vat. At the second, I got to visit their incredible rose garden!

Try Persian Rose Sweets in Kashan, Iran

Water isn’t the only thing infused with rose flavor in Kashan, Iran. It’s also a popular ingredient in dishes, including sweets. At the first of the two rose factories I visited, I met some bakers who created a cake called the 4 Nut Concoction. It’s a colorful, four-layered confection containing saffron, rose, sesame, coconut, pistachios, and almonds.

The impressive 4 Nut Concoction, a four-layer sweet in Kashan, Iran | Davidsbeenhere

There are other cakes available as well, which I got to sample. They were a textural explosion in my mouth, with the dense, crumbly cake and the crunchy nuts. The mix of earthy sesame seeds and sugary dates was the perfect mix of savory and sweet. And the rose added the floral flavor I love! Definitely try them if you have a sweet tooth!

Visit a Rose Garden

Just outside of Kashan, Iran, I had the pleasure of visiting a massive rose garden. If you want to see the roses at their most impressive, I suggest visiting during April and early May. Rose season only lasts about four weeks, so the window is short if you want to see them. I visited in late May, so there weren’t many roses left.

A beautiful rose garden outside of the city | Davidsbeenhere

But even though the height of rose season had passed, it was still impressive. This particular garden covered 20 hectares, and the entire area smelled of roses. When you visit, you may get to see workers harvesting roses to take to the nearby factory, which is only ten minutes away. Roses are an essential part of Kashani culture, so I recommend visiting both!

Book a Trip to Kashan, Iran

If you love rose-flavored products, or if you’ve never tried them, Kashan, Iran is a must-visit. Not only are the people wildly friendly and kind, but it offers some of the country’s most unique food.

Me and Mr. Taster at a rose garden outside of Kashan, Iran | Davidsbeenhere

Cities like these are why I love to travel. It’s the perfect place to spend a day exploring if you crave culture, new foods, and wonderful people to enjoy them with. Whether you’d rather dine on rose-infused food or enjoy the tranquility of a rose garden, Kashan is for you. Book a trip to Iran to experience the magic of Kashan for yourself!

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