Borough Market in London, England: Ultimate Food Guide

Welcome to Borough Market, the ultimate foodie paradise in the heart of London. With its vibrant atmosphere, diverse array of culinary delights, and rich history dating back to the 12th century, this iconic outdoor market is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

Borough Market is renowned for its exceptional selection of fresh and local produce, artisanal baked goods, and freshly prepared street food. As you wander through its bustling stalls, you’ll pass by over 100 traders and vendors offering everything from traditional British favorites to countless international delicacies. It’s a feast for your belly and your senses. As you explore, you’ll smell the aromas of sizzling street food and worldly spices in the air.

The exterior of Borough Market in London, England | Davidsbeenhere
Borough Market is one of London’s premier food markets.

But Borough Market isn’t just sensory overload – it’s also a hub of cultural exchange and community spirit. You’ll find passionate traders, artisans, and local entrepreneurs who are eager to share their stories, craft, and expertise with you. Take the opportunity to chat with them, sample their dishes, and hear the fascinating tales behind each mouthwatering creation.

The bustling interior of Borough Market during Christmas time | Davidsbeenhere
Exploring the market just weeks before Christmas.

Whether you’re a devoted food enthusiast, an intrepid traveler, or simply seeking an authentic London experience, Borough Market is sure to leave a lasting impression. So come on a culinary journey like no other in Southwark, London, England. This is everything you should eat in Borough Market!

What is Borough Market?

David and his guide Neema outside Borough Market | Davidsbeenhere
Me and my guide Neema getting ready to eat outside the market.

Borough Market is one of the largest and oldest food markets in London, located at 8 Southwark Street. Though it has a 1,000-year history, its current location isn’t quite that old. The current market, located under the London Bridge, dates back to 1756.

A trader at a Spanish booth preparing paella | Davidsbeenhere
Trying not to drool while watching a paella vendor plate some food.

The present buildings were built roughly a century later in the 1850s. The market is a hotspot for local and tourists alike. It attracts over four million visitors every year and attracts renowned chefs in search of local and international ingredients. Keep in mind that if you want to film or take photos at the market, you must fill out a form before your visit.

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A vendor pouring chocolate sauce over a cup of strawberries | Davidsbeenhere
You can find treats like strawberries drizzled with chocolate in Borough Market.

NOTE: Most vendors do not accept cash due to the pandemic. A handful may accept cash, but most only accept credit and debit cards. You’ll find ATMs in the market in case you need them.

Is Borough Market Open on Sundays?

The exterior of Bomba Paella, a Spanish restaurant that also offers squid, prawns, and mussels | Davidsbeenhere
The market is home to over 100 vendors who sell unique dishes from around the world.

Borough Market is open six days a week, including Saturdays and Sundays. The market’s hours change depending on the day. That changes in December, when the market is open seven days a week for the holidays. Keep in mind that some vendors aren’t present every day, so check their individual trader pages beforehand to see their schedules. The market’s hours are as follows:

  • MONDAY:                    Closed
  • TUESDAY:                    10am – 5 pm
  • WEDNESDAY:              10am – 5 pm
  • THURSDAY:                 10am – 5 pm
  • FRIDAY:                        10am – 5 pm
  • SATURDAY:                  9am – 5pm
  • SUNDAY:                      10am – 4pm  

What to Eat at Borough Market

The exterior of the market | Davidsbeenhere
Borough Market is one of London’s largest and oldest food markets.

As I mentioned earlier, Borough is a haven for food lovers. I went on a tour of the market in the winter of 2023. I’ve explored markets all over the world, from India to South Korea to Armenia to Jamaica.

A cook prepares mussels at Bomba Paella | Davidsbeenhere
Mussels are one of hundreds of dishes you can enjoy in the market.

But Borough Market is easily one of my favorites because of the sheer amount of diversity there. Whether you’re in the mood for Spanish, Greek, Lebanese, Thai, Italian, Indian, vegan/vegetarian, or something else, it’s all there.

The signature Valencia paella at Bomba Paella in Borough Market | Davidsbeenhere
Paella is one of my favorite Spanish dishes of all time.

You can take a guided tour of the market, as it can be quite busy and overwhelming to navigate. I have to thank my guide, Neema, who gave me one of the best market experiences I’ve had in over 15 years of traveling! Here are my favorite vendors in the market!

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Wild Mushroom Risotto: Hearty Vegetarian Risotto in Borough Market

The traders at Wild Mushroom Risotto preparing and serving their risotto to customers | Davidsbeenhere
The mushroom risotto at Wild Mushroom Risotto is one of the market’s most popular foods.

At this popular Borough Market spot, the traders make a delicious wild mushroom risotto with spelt. They also give out free samples of their stir-fried wild mushrooms, which I highly recommend. The cooks use 12 different types of mushrooms, all grilled with a savory blend of spices. They have an earthy and meaty feel. The vendors are extremely friendly and from all over the world! One is half-English, half-Brazilian, another is Ethiopian, and another is Pakistani!

DAYS OPEN: Unknown

Borough Wines: Warm Up in the Winter

A vendor at Borough Wines pours me a cup of mulled wine | Davidsbeenhere
Hot mulled wine is the perfect drink for a frigid December day.

Borough Wines offers a variety of wines from small, independent winemakers. Many of them are vegan and organic. You can even enjoy wine on tap, straight from the barrel. During my visit to Borough Market, I tried their hot mulled wine. This special drink contains a blend of 17 herbs and spices, including cinnamon, coriander, ginger, allspice, lavender, rose petal, and vanilla. It’s similar to a drink I had in Poland and is the perfect adult beverage to keep you warm on a cold day. Keep in mind that it’s also expensive at seven pounds for a small cup!

DAYS OPEN: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Le Marché du Quartier: A Taste of France in London

My guide Neema waiting to place an order at Le Marche du Quartier | Davidsbeenhere
Le Marché du Quartier is where to go to get a taste of French cuisine in London.

This trader in Borough Market specializes in food and wine from France. It’s a family business from southwestern France, and it sources high quality food and wine from small French suppliers. They offer goose fat and garlic, confit and cossoulet, poulet de bresse chickens, an array of French cheeses, and even fresh truffles from Perigord during truffle season!

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The duck confit wrap fron Le Marché du Quartier in Borough Market | Davidsbeenhere
Does it get any better than a rich, fatty duck confit wrap?

I ordered a duck confit wrap with gruyere cheese. It contained shredded duck, a delicious chutney, and a bit of vegetables. It’s one of my favorite dishes at the market, but I suggest splitting its cost with a friend—it costs a whopping $20!

DAYS OPEN: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Gujarati Rasoi: Vegetarian Indian Favorites in Borough Market

Gujarati Rasoi serves Indian favorites from the state of Gujarat in the middle of London | Davidsbeenhere
Visiting Gujarati Rasoi in Borough Market took me back to my time in Ahmedabad, India!

If you love authentic Indian food, you can’t miss Gujarati Rasoi in Borough Market. The vendors at this small cart specialize in vegetarian food from the Indian state of Gujarat. Urvesh Parvais and his mother, Lalita, founded the cart to share their passion for their culture through traditional street foods and curries.

Eating the bhajiya from Gujarati Rasoi | Davidsbeenhere
The bhajiya at Gujarati Rasoi is the perfect crispy, fried snack.

Urvesh and Lalita also run a kulfi cart in the Green Market during the summer! I ordered a bhajiya, a fritter similar to an onion pakora, with tamarind sauce. It was like a blooming onion but with Indian spices. It’s crispy and oily on the outside, and fluffy and savory on the inside. The tamarind added a tangy sweetness that boosts the dish!

DAYS OPEN: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Horn OK Please: Indian Street Food in England

Horn OK Please is a trader in Borough Market that sells vegetarian Indian street food | Davidsbeenhere
Horn OK Please is one of the best spots in London to try an authentic Indian chaat.

Another great Indian trader in Borough Market is Horn OK Please. Its name comes from a popular slogan often found on the backs of vehicles in India. The stall, started by Gaurav and Sandhya, was inspired by the vibrant aromas, sights, and sounds on the streets of India.

Bhel puri, a crunchy and flavorful chaat that I first tried in Mumbai in 2018 | Davidsbeenhere
Bhel puri is one of my favorite Indian dishes ever.

They specialize in Indian vegetarian street food including moong dal dosa, egg kati roll, bhel puri, and dosa chaat. I went with the bhel puri, a popular chaat that contains puffed rice, pomegranate, chilies, onions, coriander, and sev. It’s crunchy and sweet and has a nice amount of spice. It’s been my favorite chaat ever since I tried it in Mumbai in 2018!

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DAYS OPEN: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Khanom Krok: A Taste of Thailand

Khanom krok is a Thai dessert consisting of small pancakes containing coconut and sesame seeds | Davidsbeenhere
Khanom krok is one of my favorite discoveries in Borough Market.

Next, I went for some authentic Thai street food at Khanom Krok, run by Worawan and Michael, a husband-and-wife team. Their specialty is a dish called khanom krok, which are small, Thai coconut pancakes that Worawan’s family has made for years. They also offer laab, lots of different curries, and noodle dishes. It’s like getting a taste of Bangkok. The khanom krok are fluffy and creamy and bursting with coconut flavor. They also come topped with black sesame seeds, which add a nuttiness I really enjoyed!

DAYS OPEN: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Arabica To Go: Middle Eastern Food in Borough Market

A vendor prepares the halal chicken shawarma at Arabica To Go | Davidsbeenhere
The chicken shawarma at Arabica To Go is halal-friendly.

I’ve loved Middle Eastern food my entire life, so if you’re like me, you’re in for a treat. In Borough Market, you’ll find Arabica, a Middle Eastern vendor that’s been there for over 20 years. They offer Middle Eastern mezze, falafel wraps, halal chicken shawarma, Lebanese street food, salads, Mediterranean pastries, Turkish delights, baklava, and more!

Arabica To Go, a vendor that sells Middle Eastern food in Borough Market in London | Davidsbeenhere
Chatting with the cook at Arabica To Go.

I got the halal chicken shawarma, to which they added lettuce, tomatoes, tarator (garlic sauce), and a pepper. The tarator is pungent and heavy on garlic, just like in Lebanon! It’s very strong, so I wouldn’t recommend kissing someone after having it!

DAYS OPEN: Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Gastronomica Market: Artisanal Italian Food

The exterior of Gastronomica Market in Borough Market | Davidsbeenhere
If you want delicious artisanal Italian food, head over to Gastronomica Market.

My mom’s family is from Italy, so of course I had to check out the Italian offerings in Borough Market! A man named Marco Vineis founded Gastronomica Market, which has been in Borough Market since 2000. They use only the finest quality produce from Italy and offer pulses, jams, sauces, vinegars, and mustards from small, artisan producers in Italy.

An assortment of different sandwiches and cannoli in a display case in Gastronomica Market | Davidsbeenhere
Cannoli and sandwiches galore at Gastronomica Market.

They also have Italian charcuterie and cheeses, as well as sandwiches and cannoli! Their cannoli flavors include coffee, blood orange, vanilla, pistachio, chocolate, and lemon. I’m not a huge sweets person, but I went with two cannoli. One had a dollop of jelly on it and another had bits of chocolate. They’re excellent, but they’re also a bit of a sugar rush!

DAYS OPEN: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

What Will You Eat at Borough Market?

David Hoffmann standing outside Borough Market in London, England | Davidsbeenhere
You should plan a trip to Borough Market in London right now!

I spent hours exploring Borough Market, but I barely scratched the surface. I saw many other vendors during my time there, from Greek to Spanish, from fruit vendors to those selling fresh juices. It’s a lot to take in, and there’s something for everyone. Unfortunately, I only have one stomach, and it was packed to capacity by the time I left! Whatever you choose to try, I’d be shocked if it wasn’t exceptional.

The two cannoli I bought from Gastronomica Market in Borough Market | Davidsbeenhere
Who doesn’t love a fresh cannoli?

Yes, prices in the market can be pretty steep, so choose your food wisely. You can easily drop over a hundred pounds there on just a handful of dishes. Also, pace yourself and share dishes with friends and family so you don’t fill up on one thing, especially if you want to visit multiple vendors. But most importantly, have fun, be friendly, and enjoy yourself. Book a trip to London today to experience Borough Market for yourself!

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