Welcome to the Bhutan hub at David’s Been Here! In early March of 2020, I took the trip of a lifetime to the south Asian country of Bhutan. This peaceful Buddhist nation is one of the destinations I’d wanted to explore ever since I became a world traveler. Unfortunately, I had to reconfigure my Bhutanese adventure on the fly and cut it short due to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

That said, I had an epic adventure with my friends at MyBhutan. My guide Tsheten took me on an unforgettable road trip that began in the cities of Punakha and Thimphu. Then, we spent a quick 24 hours exploring the isolated Haa Valley. And finally, we ended in Paro, where I realized my dream of hiking to Tiger’s Nest Monastery!

Bhutan is a magical country with an incredible history and cultural identity. It’s one of the few countries to have never been colonized by outsiders. Because of that, Bhutan’s cultural identity is 100% its own. Likewise, it also boasts a unique cuisine quite unlike any other on Earth! Chilies and dairy are staples in Bhutanese food, so many of the dishes are rich and spicy!

Below, you’ll find all of my Bhutan city guides and travel episodes. On the right, you can also navigate by location if you prefer. I hope my guides and travel episodes inspire you to visit this gorgeous, magical country in the Himalayas!

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