Practical Tips for Traveling in Guatemala

While I was recently traveling through Central America my guide gave me some practical tips for traveling in Guatemala that I think everyone should know before stepping foot in Guate:


It may be Central America, but there is a great deal of elevated terrain. Bring a sweater and a scarf because you may get cold in some of the towns high in the mountains. There are plenty of colorful clothing items for sale in Guate’s outdoor markets, like the scarf I have on in the picture.

The Great Outdoors

Bring sunblock, bug repellant, walking shoes, poncho and an umbrella. The sun is always blasting in Guatemala, the mosquitoes will have a field day with you if you’re unprotected during rainy season. Rainy season also brings another unwanted occurrence: land slides. So check Guate’s annual weather patterns before booking your trip.


If you don’t want to buy something from persistent street vendors, say a firm “no.” Don’t say “maybe later” because that will only cause them to be more determined to sell you something. If you are interested in buying something, bargaining is to be expected. Many of the items for sale include hand-crafted items such as necklaces, bracelets, tote bags and scarves. But don’t get overzealous with low offers because it sometimes takes days for a person to create what they sell. A good rule of thumb is to begin at 20% lower than the asking price. Lastly, if you want to hand out money to a beggar, prepare to be approached by several more.

I love you GUATE!

Have any practical tips for traveling in Guatemala? Share them with us! Leave a comment below.

Special thanks to the Guatemala Toursim Organization. 

3 thoughts on “Practical Tips for Traveling in Guatemala”

  1. Sarai Jordan says:

    I am from Guatemala and trust me I am impress and I love the way you are really talking GOOD about Guatemala ,Cheers !!!

  2. Claudia says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Guatemala! The colors, the people, the simplicity of the food!!!

    1. David says:

      I agree! Such a vivid culture and delicious food. Thanks for your comment and for stopping by 🙂

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