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My secret not so secret obsession is to study the map of the world. It gets me excited to see where I have been and where I want to go next. Comprised of 56 countries, Africa is a massive continent that would take years to explore in depth. But I have to start somewhere, right? In 2008 I visited Morocco, but North Africa is very different from the southern part of the continent. Northern Africa is almost entirely covered by the Sahara Desert while Southern Africa is a wildlife lover’s dream- forests, plains, rivers, lakes, and thousands of species of flora and fauna. Malawi is often referred to as “The Warm Heart of Africa,” It is a small (45,560 sq mile), landlocked country on the east side that is bordered by Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia. It will be my 45th country visited!
Malawi Facts:
Languages: Chichewa and English
Population: approximately 15 million
Biggest attractions: Lake Malawi and National Parks
Currency: Kwachia ($1.00 = approximately 269.38 Malawian Kwachia)
On Monday morning I will be catching a non-stop flight on South African Airways to Johannesburg, South Africa. Then I’ll catch a connection to Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. I will travel a total of 22 days throughout Malawi in order to bring you pictures, video, travel guides and a wealth of inspiration for your own Malawi adventure.
Check out the itinerary by location including accommodations:
Lilongwe: The capital city and the largest city in Malawi. Here we will explore the few historical locations, try some Malawan cuisine and also visit the Mosque, Fish and Food Market and Crafts Market. Crossroad Hotel
Ntchisi: A forest lodge near Lilongwe and its also the last remaining indegionus rainforest in an isolated spot near the capital.
Nyika National Park: Chelinda this wildlife lodge is set against a pocket of hagenia woodland and overlooking vast tracts of Nyika National Park’s rolling grasslands dotted with large heard of zebra.
Chintheche Inn: This is an inn located on the north western shores of central Lake Malawi.
Makuzi: A beach lodge on Lake Malawi where we will most likely chill out in the sun and take part in some water sports.
Tongole: Tongole wilderness lodge deep within the rugged and breathtakingly beautiful Nkhotakota Game Reserve. He we will get to experience different species of wildlife from birds to elephants.
Safari Beach Lodge: This lodge is situated in a secluded forest reserve directly on the shore of Lake Malawi in Senga bay 20 minutes from Salima and located only one and a half hours drive from the capital Lilongwe.
Danforth Yachting: This lodge and private yacht charter service is located in Cape Maclear bordering Lake Malawi National Park
Pumulani: A luxury beach lodge inside Lake Malawi National Park.
Mumbo Island: Another luxury resort within Lake Malawi National Park on an exclusive island. This hotel is one of the top 100 in the world for quality and luxury.
Makokola Retreat: The best place to plant yourself in the sandy shores of Lake Malawi.
Liwonde National Park: Mvuu Lodge, this lodge is nestled on the banks of a lagoon just off the Shire River in Liwonde National Park. It’s a broad, languid waterway fringed by the riverside forest, Borassus palms and inundated flood plains. The surrounding area sets the stage for an awesome wilderness experience.
Zomba: Sunbird Ku Chawe this hotel is located next to Zomba right on top of the Zomba plateau.
Blantyre: Is the second largest city in Malawi. Protea Ryalls is located in the central business district.
Majete Wildlife Reserve: Mkulumadzi, an exclusive luxury lodge in Southern Malawi set on a lush riverbank within Majete Wildlife Reserve.
During this trip it’s all about outdoors and wildlife. It’s expected to be hot during the day and cool at night. I will be sporting some amazing gear courtesy of my sponsor Scottevest Travel Clothing. The clothes are breathable, lightweight, have tons of pockets, which make them ideal for travelers. Here a few of the new pieces that I packed to take along:
SeV Walking Shorts: 8 Pockets
SeV Convertible Travel Pants: 10 Pockets
SeV Performance-T’s: 3 Pockets
SeV Performance Polo: 1 Pocket
SeV Snap Front Shirt: 6 Pockets
Aside from Scottevest gear, I am also using some of my own products including the travel pillow, luggage scale, eye mask and passport holder. Check them out HERE.

I would like to thank the Malawi Tourism Organization. Without them, this trip would not have been possible.

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  1. I also get really excited studying the map for each and every region of the world, I loved flags and geography and international football matches since childhood, but until 24 I never left my home continent europe, and until 28 I never thought about travelling the world, but now is the time, blue planet mommas and papas lock up your beers and your gals, because I am coming 🙂

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