2012 Travels: 8 Countries, My Wedding and Everything in Between

Today is December 28th, only a few days until we ring in 2013. This past year has to be by far the best year in travel for Davidsbeenhere.com, and 2013 is starting to look even better. Wrapping up the year is going to be bittersweet – It was a year full of exciting destinations (Central America, Africa and Europe) but next Spring will bring on a host of new challenges and amazing opportunities.

The World didn’t end. In February 2012 I traveled through Guatemala for 12 days visiting the top attractions in the country, plus many lesser known ones. I have to thank the Guatemala Tourism Board, INGUAT, for hosting me and providing me with a car, guide and driver. There is no better way to see Guatemala than by car, and having a driver and guide is a fantastic plus to any press trip! I visited many Mayan ruins, coastal towns and two lakes.

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My travels through El Salvador were very different from Guatemala. Guatemala has a huge indigenous Mayan population, whereas El Salvador has almost completely lost its Mayan heritage. The country is comprised of small cities, volcanoes, colonial towns and beautiful beaches! I also stayed an extra four days at a family friend’s beach house – it was complete relaxation!

But it didn’t stop there. After 25 days of travel through Central America, I returned home to Miami for six days before heading out on a grueling 52-day trip through four countries in Europe. Traveling through Spain (for the millionth time) was as incredible as it always is. Galicia is all about seafood, wines, medieval towns and an unreal amount of Celtic and ancient Roman ruins.

Malta was next up on our journey. This place IS RIDICULOUS! It has a unique culture influenced by its Italian and Arab heritage. The nine days I spent here changed me in more ways than one. It’s food, people and island landscapes are matchless.

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After Malta we caught an Emirates flight to the island of Cyprus. Naturally Cyprus and the Larnaka Tourism Board hosted us for ten days. Can we say the f$%#& best food on the planet?! I wish they served mezze everywhere.

After our tour of the Mediterranean, we were off to the European micro-state of Andorra. It might be one of the smallest countries in Europe, but it is a world class shopping destination. Andorra’s ski resorts rival those found in Switzerland and Colorado.

And then there was Africa. We spent twenty-two days exploring the entire country of Malawi, which is known as the “Warm Heart of Africa.” A 15-hour flight on South African Airways transplanted me into an African wonderland. The friendly culture, stunning crafts, unforgettable wildlife safaris and the awe-inspiring Lake Malawi left an impression on me that I can’t shake. It’s definitely in the top 3 of places I have been so far.

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Oh, and the people! This year I met some of the most intelligent, genuine, talented and well-traveled bloggers out there (Pause the Moment, Wandering Trader, Backpack with Brock, Leah’s Travels, Mrs. O Around the World, Wild Junket, Legal Nomads, Everything Everywhere, Trading Voyageur, Kelly Ferro,  The Nad Work, Travel Dudes , Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler and The Blonde Gypsy.) Meeting every single one of them was simply delightful – I’m proud to now call them my friends (cheesy, I know, but true!)

Then there were two. After a busy 5-day trip to World Travel Market in London…

Ana and I got married in Miami on December 1st. We honeymooned in lovely St. Lucia – a Caribbean island full of pleasant beaches, stunning scenery and delicious seafood.

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This year I traveled to 8 countries and it changed my life yet again!

So what’s next? Moving to Europe that’s what! My (wait for it..) wife and I will be making the big move in April 2013. We have chosen beautiful Barcelona to be our next home. From there we will be able to explore more of Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

I want to extend a sincere thanks to all of my fans, family, colleagues and supporters who have enriched, educated, inspired and challenged me in 2012. I expect 2013 to be the best year yet and I hope you come along for the ride.


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