Mayan Customs: Religion and Health of the Mayans

David’s Been Here brings us into Chichicastenango’s Church of St. Thomas, a place where both Christianity and traditional Mayan religion are mixed. Built atop an old Mayan palace, this has been an important spot for the local Mayans since the 16th Century. Unfortunately, there is no photography allowed, so you’ll have to come and visit the spot for yourself! Shuffling through the markets, David ends up at the local mask and costume factory, where traditional masks and decorations are made and sold all around the country. David tries one costume and mask on for himself, and then takes a trip behind the scenes to a traditional Mayan sauna. A stone dome used to cure the sick and deliver babies, it’s an ancient Mayan traditional that is still followed today. For more information on visiting this cultural town, check out the DBH Guide to Guatemala, also available for your Kindle.

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