The Mayan Religion: Inside a Mayan Ceremony

David’s Been Herebrings you along Lake Atitlan to the town of Santiago Atitlan, which sits tucked in between two major volcanoes. Take a tour through the town’s local religions, as David displays the Church of Santiago and the local Chapel Masimong. Here David gets a peak inside Mayan traditions as the locals pray to their god Masimong- a ‘smoking’ Mayan god, who is believed to help cure illnesses. After filming a local ceremony inside the chapel, David takes off for Panajachel- Lake Atitlan’s most popular and touristic town. Check out the main streets and amazing views of the volcanoes towering over the lake as David walks around this beautiful waterfront spot. For more information about visiting Panajachel, Santiago and all the lake’s top destinations, check out the DBH Guide: Guatemala, also available for your Kindle.

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