Day Trips from Rhodes, Greece: Touring Symi Island

Join David’s Been Here as it explores the beautiful Greek island of Symi. 40 kilometers off the coast of Rhodes, take the hour ferry ride to this majestic island where you can easily spend an entire day or more exploring. Rent a scooter and cruise around this beautiful town’s historic and natural sites, from the pristine beaches to colorful harbors, fishing villages and 15th century monastery.

Stop by the Manos Fish Tavern to taste some of Symi’s history, as its most famous restaurant serves up only the freshest seafood prepared in all different styles and flavors. From the sights to the foods, you’ll be glad you set a day aside to explore this picturesque corner of Greece. So if you’re visiting Rhodes, make sure to reserve at least a day for touring Symi. Find all these sites, activities and more in the day trips section of the David’s Been Here Guide to Rhodes, now available for your Kindle as well.

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