Where to Eat the Best Pinchos in Spain: Valladolid’s Los Zagales Restaurant

David’s Been Here is in Castilla y Leon’s city of Valladolid, where David tries out the best pinchos in Spain at Los Zagales Restaurant. Similar to tapas, pinchos are a small, usually skewered dish, ordered and eaten in individual portions. Open since 1995, Los Zagales Restaurant only serves up the best pinchos- and how do you know that? Because every single one has won an award! Watch along as David tries some of these famous pinchos- a delicious and uniquely Spanish experience. Also serving full dishes and with over 400 types of wine offered- a stop at Los Zagales Restaurant is a must for any traveler passing through Valladolid. For more information on eating at this famous Spanish restaurant, check out the David’s Been Here Guide to Castilla y Leon, now available for your Kindle as well.

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