VIDEO: How to Speak Bulgarian: Learning the Basics of the Bulgarian Language

David’s Been Here is in Sofia, Bulgaria touring around the sites, history and culture of the country. In this short video, David brings us to the Restaurant Motto where we get an introduction to the Bulgarian language. From the basics to some of the more important phrases to know, join David as he brushes up on his Bulgarian and gives us a real feel to the country. For more information on the language, culture and top sites of the country, check out the David’s Been Here Guide to Bulgaria, coming soon for your Kindle as well.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: How to Speak Bulgarian: Learning the Basics of the Bulgarian Language”

  1. Allen Sween says:

    It looks like a wonderful guide and inspirational video for learning to speak some basic Bulgarian words, phrases and sentences. Where you are touring Bulgaria, you may need to learn some of the Bulgarian words and phrases which can become crucial for communicating with local people.

    1. davidsbeenhere says:

      thanks Allen! I am heading to Bosnia and Serbia soon. I heard that Serbia is similar to Bulgarian. Are you from the region?

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