Best Beaches of Costa Rica

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Bookended by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is home to what is arguably the most treasured and beautiful diversity of beaches in all of Latin America. A sunbather’s dream come true and a surfer’s haven, here is my top 6 list of the best beaches of Costa Rica:

Playa Hermosa

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Playa Hermosa, or “beautiful beach” in Spanish, is a small surf village roughly 10 minutes south of Jacó. A surfer’s delight, it is said to have one of the best surfs in Costa Rica. Black sands line the wavy coastline where the picturesque backdrop is said to convert tourists into expats.

Tamarindo Beach

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Tamarindo Beach is one of the top surfer destinations for Costa Rica, right along with Playa Hermosa. However, Tamarindo appeals to a lot more than just surfers. 

Enjoy the fresh seafood, snorkel in the pristine waters, buy some souvenirs in one of the myriad stalls lining the coast, and bask on the white sands. The only concern posed by a visit to Tamarindo is that you will never want to leave.

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Playa Bonita

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Playa Bonita makes for a more off-the-grid beach for sunbathers and sandcastle enthusiasts, and the perfect destination for experienced surfers. Swimmers, and even surfers, should be cautious of the beach’s strong currents. Its warm yellow sands are located in just beyond the city of Limón.

Playa Flamingo

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Playa Flamingo, like many other Costa Rican cities, has experienced an unprecedented boom in tourism since being named one of Cost Rica’s most famed beaches. Just beyond the modern buildings and condos that line the coast, stretches the shoreline that lures visitors from far and near. Home to the only full-sized marina on the Pacific Coast between Panama and Acapulco, fishing here is bountiful year round. The unspoiled white sand beaches offer never ending views of sapphire blue waters, which are home to schools of marlin, swordfish, tuna, and snapper. Playa Flamingo is perfect for diehard fishermen, scuba divers, golfing enthusiast, and beach bums.

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Playa Espandilla

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Head to Playa Espandilla in Manuel Antonio early in the morning before the currents get too strong. It is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Costa Rica for its lush jungle surroundings. Back dropped by large rocks and crystalline waters, treat yourself to an ice cream or a shaved ice in the shade of one of the rental umbrellas.

Jacó Beach

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Framed by mountains and jungle, Jacó’s waves are slightly calmer than those of Playa Hermosa. It is considered to be one of Costa Rica’s top ten beaches, but it is more suitable for surf than for swim since its waves are typically too strong for swimmers. The city’s surfing industry has transformed this sleepy town in a popular tourist destination. Perfect for those who endeavor to learn this exciting watersport, Jacó is also home to bungee jumping, sports fishing, nature tours, and other adventurous activities.

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What are your favorite best beaches of Costa Rica? Leave us a comment below!

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