Touring Ancient Greece: Visiting the Historic Castles of Kalymnos

Are you planning a trip to Kalymnos, Greece? Join David’s Been Here on this beautiful Greek island for a trip around the area’s ancient castles. Based in Central Kalymnos, David pays a visit to the 14th Century Chora Castle. Built by the Knights of Saint John, this castle not only has great historical importance and some amazing views of Kalymnos below, but also boasts some archaeological ruins dating back to the 4th Century BC. Only a five-minute drive away, David presents another Knight’s Era Castle, the Chrysocheria Castle- one of the icons of the island. Strategically built atop a large hill on the island, this castle was once an important fortification monitoring other castles and the city of Kalymnos below. Find more information on these castles and other main attractions on the island in the David’s Been Here Guide to Kalymnos, now available for your Kindle as well.

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