VIDEO: The Ancient Roman City of Nikopolis ad Istrum in Bulgaria

David’s Been Here is bringing you all of Bulgaria’s the top sites and must visit attractions. If you’re driving from Ruse to Veliko Tarnovo or are just looking for a unique day trip during your stay, a visit to the ancient Roman city of Nikopolis ad Istrum is an absolute must. Built in the second century AD, this Roman city has some amazing ruins still standing today that give a glimpse into its existence as the ‘City of Victory’. Soak in the ancient columns, Odeon and agora as you walk through the forum, or imagine the traffic that once passed along its Cardo Maximus leading to other key cities of the empire. A both picturesque and historic stop during your travels, find Nikopolis ad Istrum and all the country’s best attractions in the David’s Been Here Guide to Bulgaria, coming soon for your Kindle.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: The Ancient Roman City of Nikopolis ad Istrum in Bulgaria”

  1. travelin2bulgaria says:

    Hi, great video…and website! I’ve linked the video to a post on my blog –
    as there’s a local event happening there this weekend. Cheers

    1. davidsbeenhere says:

      Hello and thank you so much for sharing!

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