Celebrity Travel Addict: TV Host & Stylist, La Carmina

For the second installment of our Celebrity Travel Addicts Series, we’re excited to have La Carmina answer questions about her life as a travel host and journalist. You may remember seeing her on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. Here she gives us a taste of what she’s been up to lately and tells us about some of her favorite places.
La Carmina, travel blogger, Japan travel expert

When and how did your travel addiction begin?

Probably on my very first trip, to Hong Kong at the tender age of one. While I don’t recall my impressions, my parents tell me I was mesmerized by the lights and sounds of the Chinese metropolis.

Where were the last three places you traveled to?

Last month, my two travel filmmakers and I went on a press trip to Israel, courtesy the tourism board. We filmed alternative nightlife and hip fashion in Tel Aviv, floated in the Dead Sea, and sampled food at the Jerusalem Market. In addition, we went to Jordan, and I fulfilled my dream of seeing Petra. I also just came back attending Oscars events in LA, including a red carpet and gifting suite.
La Carmina, travel blogger, Japan travel expert

What was the weirdest location you have filmed in? What makes it so strange?

Ironically, one of the strangest locations was Wisconsin. As someone who feels at home in Harajuku, I was out of my element in America’s Midwest. However, I loved discovering the kind people and quirky places, like a theme hotel and spy-theme bar.

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Your most adventurous travel experience?

Crossing the border from Jordan to Israel was quite the adventure… We went through several intense checkpoints, and saw some people get pulled aside, to be grilled for hours. Fortunately, my travel film crew and I made it through without any red flags.
La Carmina, travel blogger, Japan travel expert

What destination do you find yourself returning to again and again, and why?

Tokyo, Japan. I’m constantly here for TV hosting jobs and other projects; my business partner and I most recently came here to film with a German TV show, “Schulz in the Box.” We do a lot of TV fixing, or local production arranging, for travel shows that want to shoot in Asia. Even if I didn’t have work in Tokyo, I’d want to return – for the food, the shopping, and all the close friends I have here.

Give us your ‘Top Five’ List (could be anything!)

My top 5 Goth cities:
  • Berlin
  • Tokyo
  • London
  • New Orleans
  • Bran (site of Dracula’s castle in Romania!)
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La Carmina, travel blogger, Japan travel expert

Your favorite hotel in the world?

The Orlando hotel in West Hollywood. I adore the staff there, and I’ve had hilarious moments in this hotel – from modeling monster costumes with E! network star Josie Stevens, to filming a “how to pack” video with the Amazing Race Goth team.

Your favorite restaurant?

I’m dying to return to the Japanese fusion restaurant Ko, in Maui. Chef Pang is like a real-life teddy bear: he’s the kindest spirit, and has a deft hand for Hawaiian ingredients fused with Asian flavors. Check out my write-up about my memorable meal at Ko.

Your favorite airline?

The Middle Eastern airlines know how to treat their customers. Emirates Airlines was a grand experience, and the airline staff wore chic hats with head-scarves.

Your least favorite airline?

Like many frequent fliers, I must say Delta.

Where is the most exotic place(s) your career has taken you?

The Maldives were magical. An experience straight out of a storybook. The deserted beaches and water villas made me feel like a 5-star Robinson Crusoe.

What is your best piece of travel advice?

Pack your adapter plugs in your carry-on bag. If you lose your luggage or get delayed, you can at least charge your electronics.

What are three things you could never leave home without?

My iPhone 5, cash in the local currency, and personal ID.

Where to next?

It’s a surprise! I’m excited to announce my next destinations and travel filming projects. Please stay tuned to my La Carmina blog to see where I’m headed next — let’s just say, a lot is happening!


La Carmina is a 20-something female travel TV host and blogger, who you may have seen on TV networks like Travel Channel, National Geographic and Food Network. She’s a seasoned travel journalist, writing for publications like Sunday Times UK Magazine, CNN Travel and Hong Kong Express Airways. Her blog chronicles her alternative adventures around the world, such as visiting Berlin underground bars and Bangkok experimental designers. La Carmina has a travel video series, professionally filmed worldwide and published by Business Insider. Each episode receives hundreds of thousands of views. She has covered the Maldives, Israel, Bangkok, Mexico, Abu Dhabi and more. Connect with La Carmina on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.

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