I Survived the Cage of Death!

If you’re touring Australia’s Northern Territory and are looking for a serious adrenaline rush, head to Darwin’s Crocosaurus Cove. Home of the ‘Cage of Death’, brave customers can head underwater to bob alongside a full-grown crocodile while it goes through its daily feeding process. Watch along as David’s Been Here films an underwater exclusive of this unique, wild and unforgettable experience. With nothing but a Plexiglas cage separating you from this man-eating prehistoric creature, the Cage of Death is the safest and closest encounter you’ll ever have with a crocodile.  For more information on the Cage of Death and all of the area’s top experiences, check out the David’s Ben Here Guide to the Northern Territory, coming soon for your kindle.

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All activities were sponsored by Tourism Northern Territory. All opinions are our own.

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  1. Is the crocodile missing its front leg? Does the cove tell you why?

    • Hi J.A.,

      Yes they do. When crocs in the wild fight they usually end up taking off each others limbs. This one lost a few but fortunately for him he doesn’t have to fight for food anymore. Thanks again for commenting!

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