Celebrity Travel Addict: Model, Designer & Reality TV Star, Josie Stevens

Josie Stevens, wife of famed Grammy award-winning rock artist Steve Stevens, has been turning heads (and breaking necks) since starring in the hit show E! Channel reality TV show, “Married to Rock.” Over the years, Josie has traveled the world while on tour with her husband and has turned her fashion background into a successful clothing line inspired by Tokyo’s eclectic Harajuku street fashion. When she’s not on a tour bus surrounded by rock stars, she’s working on her designs, modeling, and hosting. Meet Josie Stevens, Playboy model and celebrity travel addict.

Celebrity_Travel_Addict_Model_Designer_Reality_TV_Star_Josie Stevens

Where was the first place you traveled to for a job? What was the project?

To be honest, I don’t really remember the first place I travelled to for work, it all kinda blurs sometimes. I’m pretty sure if you remember everything, you weren’t having enough fun, haha… but I’m guessing one of the first places I travelled for work was Las Vegas to do an autograph signing at at an electronics convention. I remember it pretty clearly because I was still a teenager & they didn’t want to let me check-in to the casino since I was under 21. I was pretty embarrassed at the time, but it all worked out in the end.

How many days/weeks are you traveling in any given year?

I’d say I probably travel anywhere for 4-9 months a year depending on the year. Almost always with my husband, Steve Stevens, either on tour with him & his band(s), for photo shoots or just for fun… I basically spend about 1/2 my time at home & 1/2 in hotels, give or take… I love it though, because by the time I start getting burned out on traveling, I get to spend some time at home, and by the time I get stir-crazy at home, I get to go have an adventure. It kinda varies from short trips that last a day or two- to long ones where I wont go home for months. Usually its somewhere in between, maybe about 5 or 6 weeks at a time.

Celebrity_Travel_Addict_Model_Designer_Reality_TV_Star_Josie Stevens

Most memorable travel experience?

I have had so many amazing experiences traveling- I’ll always remember the first time I went to LA, NYC, Tokyo, London… They all stick out in my mind as being really magical… The first time I flew on a private jet was pretty cool— well every time you get to fly on a private jet is pretty cool, haha… There are 2 kinds of things that really make a trip amazing to me– trips where I met amazing people & had amazing adventures and trips where I just fell in love with a city, with the sights and sounds and foods and life there. Last year we spent a week or so in Lake St Wolfgang for the Scalaria air show, and that was pretty incredible- absolutely beautiful place, really cool people, we were guests of Red Bull Austria & they were such amazing hosts & showed us an incredible time- took us on their helicopters, to their hanger, to lovely dinners, our hotels were incredible, we went for a beautiful boat ride, and we met Felix Baumgartner who did the free fall from space which was rad, and then my husband Steve played guitar at the air show on the wing of a plane in the lake with Harold Faltermeyer while the Red Bull Flying Bulls helicopter team did insane tricks overhead. That was wild!

How many countries have you been to?

More than I can count! At this point it would probably be easier to say where I haven’t been yet- but Im hoping to see them all eventually!

Name your top three destinations (one relaxing, one stylish, and one picturesque)

There are honestly very few places I have been that I didn’t find something to love about, but if I had to say my top 3, I would go with Tokyo for fashion, Australia for relaxing & maybe Austria as the most picturesque.

Celebrity_Travel_Addict_Model_Designer_Reality_TV_Star_Josie Stevens

Give us your ‘Top 5’ list for one of the above destinations, like a mini-guide or to-do list of sorts (it could be anything such as a restaurant you recommend, a unique hotel, activity, etc.)

I’ll go with Tokyo, because its so close to my heart…

  1. My favorite place to stay is hands down, the ANA hotel. It has larger rooms than most (a lot of rooms in Tokyo are insanely small- especially for a girl for loves her big suitcases, haha),  its centrally located & they really go the extra mile for their guests.
  2. My favorite place to shop is Shibuya 109. 10 floors of the most amazing clothes & the most beautiful, stylish women you have ever seen. Heaven on earth!!
  3. My favorite place for fashion inspiration is Harajuku- you cant miss going to the bridge over the train station on weekends to see some incredible street fashion.
  4. One of my favorite places to eat is the Shibuya train station underneath the 109 building. Its very casual, but everything is delicious & there are stalls with everything from Gyoza to cookies & cakes. Its really authentic Japanese food, which is cool I think… Im also totally obsessed with all the cool theme restaurants there. La Carmina, who you interviewed recently, wrote a great book about them. They are really fun! I had my birthday party at the ER/mental hospital/jail themed one a few years ago. I cant say that the food was amazing, but the drinks were great & we had a lot of fun 🙂
  5. I’d also say that there are all the uniquely Japanese places like the maid cafes, robot bar, love hotels, etc. that cant be missed… but take some time out of your day to find one of the beautiful parks or temples & just spend some time walking & taking it all in. They are really hidden gems, and so tranquil & peaceful in the middle of all the technology & people.

What destination do you find yourself returning to again and again? What about it is so alluring?

All of Europe. My husband travels their often for business & touring, and I never pass up a chance to spend time there. There is so much variety in the countries & so much to see- there are beautiful places to relax, amazing places to shop, interesting people, great food- there is everything you could want really… I have learned a lot spending time there, I always say travel is the best education there is. I know before I spent much time in Germany, I really pictured it as being mainly big cities, lots of buildings & steel, but after spending some time in the German countryside you realize how beautiful & quiet & picturesque parts of it can be. The same is true of most countries I suppose… My favorite thing about traveling is getting to meet people though, I love learning about how other people live, what they do for fun, what they eat, what they wear, etc. As a fashion designer, I pull a lot of my inspiration from my travels.

Your favorite travel movie?

Lost in Translation is definitely a favorite. I feel like they really captured the feeling of not just Tokyo, but what it is like to be traveling somewhere very different from your home, without your friends & family and the fun, but also the loneliness, that comes with that.

Celebrity_Travel_Addict_Model_Designer_Reality_TV_Star_Josie Stevens

Favorite restaurant in the U.S.?

I love to eat so I probably have a dozen restaurants I would consider favs… My favorite of all time was my dads restaurant, an italian place in the suburbs of Chicago, but he retired a few years ago & its closed now… In LA, my favorite used to be a tiny little place in Arcadia called Genki Living- but that closed down a while ago too. They had the best teas, okonomiyaki & taiyaki ever…  Currently, The Sugar Factory in Vegas is a favorite. The drinks there are insane & the food is really, really good. Cute place too!

Favorite restaurant abroad?

I know people would probably expect me to say somewhere super glam or 5 star, but most of the places I really enjoy eating when I am traveling are small places that serve local food. Nothing fancy, a little ramen shop in Japan, a pub in London, even a street cart selling pretzels in Germany or train station. I am not the pretentious foodie type.

Your favorite airport?

Burbank airport is hands down the easiest place to travel in/out of. No long lines, easy to navigate, friendly people & surprisingly good music. haha. They have a limited amount of non-stops but for short trips to places like Vegas, I will accept no other airport! 🙂

Favorite airline?

There is nothing like flying private– but on a commercial airline, I’m going with Virgin. They have really nice staff, cool check in counters, and great planes… American Airlines also has a really good frequent flyer program & are great for US flights.

Least favorite airline?

Ugh. There are a few really bad ones out there. Im gonna go with Aeroflot. I wouldn’t say they have the most luxurious planes (I’m being diplomatic here) & they don’t exactly have the most accommodating staff in my experience or the quickest service.

City with the friendliest people?

I think most people in the world are friendly & people everywhere are more alike than some people would think…. I am one of those people that will start a conversation with a tree stump though, so people have to be friendly to me whether they like it or not, ‘cuz I will break down their resistance! haha 🙂

City with the rudest people?

Honestly, I haven’t encountered a lot of rude people when I travel. Sure it happens from time to time, but I’ve never been anywhere where I thought the people were rude overall. With the exception of a few bad apples, I think a lot of it comes down to cultural differences- some places people are “friendlier” in the way Americans think of it- that they will say hello to you on the street & stop for a chat, and in other places it is perceived as insincere to smile at strangers or have conversations with people you don’t know. I wouldn’t say thats rude at all, just a different way of seeing things…

Celebrity_Travel_Addict_Model_Designer_Reality_TV_Star_Josie Stevens

If your travels had a soundtrack what album, would it be?

I’d do an old-school mix tape with all my favorite songs… but assuming thats not allowed & I have to pick an existing album- I’ll take the “Easy Rider” soundtrack. A lot of what I see of the world is from the window of a tour bus & something about those songs kinda goes with that vibe.

Your favorite travel companion?

My husband, Steve Stevens- always & forever. We have fun no matter where we go. We could be anywhere in the world & we are gonna find something cool to see, somewhere fun to go, and even the less amusing parts of travel we find ways to make better- from the long flights to being cooped up in our bunk or hotel room. Our personalities really balance each other out & we just love each others company.

Kindle, Nook, or i-Pad?

I just rock the iPhone most of the time. I am glued to that thing. If I am taking a short trip & don’t have any major business to deal with, I just bring my iPhone- longer trips I bring my laptop too. I don’t really bother with the iPad, ‘cuz its kinda 1/2 way between the two and I am an all-or-nothing kinda girl, but Steve loves his.

Favorite way to kill time while flying?

I have a pretty Pavlovian response to planes- where I just conk out the second they take off, so mainly I sleep. If it’s too long or short to sleep, then I usually read, play games on my phone, listen to music, work or bug my husband. haha.

Most influential person you have met while traveling?

I am so incredibly fortunate to have met a lot of amazing people when I travel. Tons of musicians I admire at different festivals & gigs and fascinating people like Felix Baumgartner- but honesty, I spend most of my time traveling on a bus with my husband & his band & it doesnt get much cooler than those guys that in my book. I defy anyone to say there is a more awesome way to wake up than on a tour bus full of rock stars.

A destination that surpassed all your expectations and surprised you the most?

Probably Prague. It is an incredibly beautiful city. Unbelievable architecture & statues everywhere- all very old & just visually stunning. I heard it was one of the only major cities that was not bombed in WW2 so its really unique & looks different than anywhere else I have ever been.

Where is the most exotic place(s) your career has taken you?

It depends on what you mean by exotic I guess- I have been to places like Tahiti or Hawaii that are exotic in one sense of the word, but I have also been to places like Russia & the countries that made up the former Soviet Union that are very exotic in the sense that they are really very different from the US. The way the buildings & stores look, the food, the people, and they were very fascinating to visit. However, there are certain stores & restaurants that seem to pop up in every country in the world- I am talking to you H&M, McDonalds & Subway. haha.

Celebrity_Travel_Addict_Model_Designer_Reality_TV_Star_Josie Stevens

Your best piece of travel advice?

I am a major over-packer & I have no regrets! 🙂 I want to be ready for anything! I travel with everything from gym clothes to evening gowns, I bring my own snacks in case I dont like the food, I travel with a full medical kit including antibiotics, a zillion shoes, every type of beauty product imaginable- backups of everything- I literally begin packing for a tour at least month in advance… I basically pack 1/2 a house into road cases & suitcases. I am big on outfit changes! This is not exactly practical- but if anyone needs anything- they know exactly who to come to & I always feel prepared for anything… I also would strongly advise people to carry a photocopy of their passport and/or a scan of it in their computer in case of emergency, make sure they carry their “cant live without these” type items on the plane with them- like basic cosmetics & prescriptions, cell phone chargers, etc. and always make sure they have a credit card & plenty of cash in case of emergency. Backup your phone & computer before you leave- make sure you have important numbers stored in more than one place & always buy the “big” package of travel internet & minutes for your phone. Better safe than sorry. Skype is also a life-saver- when you live on the road, you need to stay in touch with everyone at home or it gets a bit lonely…. Lastly, I have a checklist for packing- one for short trips & one for long trips. I literally just pack down the list every single time so I don’t forget anything & I never wait until the last minute in case I need to pick up anything before I go. Personally I like to pack my clothes & toiletries into sweater bags, so its easy to find things & I can isolate my clean & dirty laundry. 🙂 I also always pack one suitcase for beauty supplies separate from my clothes- always! Something always leaks & if you get makeup or shampoo all over your clothes, its gonna ruin your day.

What are five things you could never leave home without?

My wallet, makeup, cell/back up charger, a healthy snack/water & I rarely leave home without my stuffed monkey Beazley, he is my little travel buddy. haha… Thats like my 24/7 purse situation, even if I am just going to the store. Yes. I carry food in my purse like a grandma & a stuffed monkey. Don’t judge. LOL.

What destination do you dream of visiting one day?

Anywhere I haven’t been yet! I would love to visit Thailand, Africa, & I saw this documentary on BBC about these drunk monkeys who hang out in St Kitts & have wanted to party with them ever since. haha.

Celebrity_Travel_Addict_Model_Designer_Reality_TV_Star_Josie Stevens

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m working on a new collection of clothes & costumes for my clothing line, “Josie Loves J Valentine”, I have my line of adult footed PJs I designed in collaboration with “Jumpin Jammerz”, I have a few fun photo shoots coming up and I manage my husband so we are gearing up for his summer tour with Billy Idol, which is always a lot of fun.

Where to next?

A week in Indiana to visit my parents, a day in Vegas for a concert & then spending the spring/summer all over Europe with my hubby Steve on tour with Billy Idol.


Josie Stevens is an American TV personality, model and fashion designer. Chicago-born Josie got her start as a model, and has posed for Playboy, been featured on dozens of magazine covers, sat for many popular pinup paintings and modeled for a number of well-known video game characters. However, she is best known for her starring role on the hit E! Channel reality TV show, “Married to Rock”, which aired in 120 countries, and she quickly proved to be a fan favorite. Josie is married to Grammy Award-winning guitarist and composer, Steve Stevens, and is a self-proclaimed girls’ girl. She is known for her sexy and eclectic style, which she shows off in her “Josie Loves J Valentine” collection – a fun line of costumes, club wear, rave wear, bikinis and accessories. Follow Josie on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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