VIDEO: The Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo, Bulgaria

David’s Been Here is touring all the top sites and must-visit attractions in Bulgaria. In this short clip, David brings us 22 kilometers south of Ruse to the small town of Ivanovo. Located in the surrounding rocks & hills of the town are its amazing 10th century rock-cut churches. Worked on until the 14th century, these UNESCO celebrated sites are filled with stunning hand-painted murals on the ceilings and walls, depicting scenes from the Bible and life of Jesus. Surrounded by rolling, lush green hills, these rock-hewn churches near Ivanovo are amongst some of Bulgaria’s most interesting and beautiful historic sites.

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  1. Marie says:

    Yay! Skopje! I finally made it to Bosnia and Croatia. I aroedd Bosnia and will definitely return but we’d like to extend our visit to Macedonia and Montenegro next time. I did not realise that Macedonia had never been a state in its own right but I see you are right it was an area of either Serbia or Greece, a province perhaps, but never a state. Just one correction to the above, they claimed independence 21 years ago.Mandy recently posted

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